MPD Recovers Rifles on Lamont Street

Posted July 6, 2016 by Kent
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This may have gone unnoticed by many, as it was with me until a neighbor pointed it out.

According to a press release distributed by MPD on June 30th, last week, on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, members of Fourth District executed a search warrant in the 400 block of Lamont Street, NW. As a result of that search warrent, the following weapons were recovered:

  • SKS Assault Rifle
  • Ruger 10-22 Rifle
  • Marlin 30-30 Winchester Rifle
  • Santa Barbara 6mm Rifle
  • Ithaca Feather Light 12 gauge Rifle
  • Mossberg Maverick 88 Rifle

The Metropolitan Police Department continues to investigate these offenses.

Kudos to MPD on this one.

Hope Everyone Enjoyed the Fourth!

Posted July 5, 2016 by Kent
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3648 Park Place, NW, in the Fourth of July spirit.

3648 Park Place, NW, in the Fourth of July spirit.

While the weather wasn’t a cooperative for the Fourth of July holiday this year, the rain did manage to break in time for fireworks. But leading up to the fireworks, I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and seeing a few houses decorated in red, white, and blue.

In the neighborhhood, it really doesn’ t matter if you can see the fireworks down on the National Mall or not, there are plenty of neighbors shooting fireworks off throughout the area. For a change of pace, I walked down to Michigan Avenue to see what I could see from the McMillan Reservoir. Below are two short videos showing some fireworks over Bloomingdale and Howard University.

RFP Released for Redevelopment of 1125 Spring Road

Posted July 1, 2016 by Kent
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Yesterday, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s (DMPED) Office released the Request for Proposals to redevelop the old Hebrew Home site at 1125 Spring Road. The submission deadline is October 14, 2016, giving interested parties three and a half months to respond to both DMPED’s and the Community’s desire for the site.

For those wanting to know more about what this site could be, you can read my notes from the April 9th and June 2nd OurRFP meetings and read the full RPF below.

1125 RFP


Remember to Enjoy Fireworks Safely This Fourth!

Posted June 30, 2016 by Kent
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One of the many area trashcans filled with the remains of Fourth of July celebrations in 2013.

One of the many area trashcans filled with the remains of Fourth of July celebrations in 2013.

With the Fourth of July upon us, remember that fireworks are not only fun, but need to be handled responsibly. Below are some safety tips from MPD (and you can download their flyer here).

Fireworks Safety

Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or the New Year, a backyard barbecue or other family occasion, it is important to understand the laws regulating fireworks use in the District of Columbia. Use the chart below to become familiar with the fireworks that are permitted and prohibited in DC.


Article 27, DC Register, F-2700.1.1: The manufacture, storage, display, sale, setting off, or discharge of any firework listed below is prohibited in the District of Columbia.

  • Firecrackers of any kind or description
  • Any firework that explodes, such as cherry bombs, salutes, Roman candles, floral shells, artillery shells
  • Any firework intended to move after the piece is placed and fired; such as bottle rockets, parachutes, buzzbombs, pinwheels, helicopters, jumping jacks
  • Sparklers more than 20 inches (50mm) in length
  • Any firework that contains mercury, arsenic, tetryl, phosporous, sulphocyanide, magnesium, potassium picrate, gallic acid, chlorate of potash and sugar, or any highly oxidizing agent
  • Any firework having a side fuse, or a fuse inserted at any point along the length of the firework
  • Any firework found by the code official to be dangerous to the safety of persons or property


Article 27, District of Columbia Register, F-2700.1.2): The fireworks listed below are permitted to be stored, displayed, sold, delivered, used, and possessed in accordance with the provisions of this article.

  • Any firework specifically excepted in this article
  • Toy paper caps containing not more than twenty-five hundredths (0.25) of a grain of explosive composition per cap
  • Sparklers not more than 20 inches (50mm) in length
  • Torches, cones
  • Box fires, fountains
  • Dip-sticks, non-poisonous snakes
  • Paper novelty items, colored lights

Development of 3619 Georgia Slated for August

Posted June 29, 2016 by Kent
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3619 Georgia Avenue, at the southeast corner of Princeton Place, NW.

3619 Georgia Avenue, at the southeast corner of Princeton Place, NW.

I had a few people reach out to me after reading a post on PoPville concerned about the future of the development in the pipeline for 3619 Georgia Avenue. Apparently the fence was missing for a short while and some questioned if the development had stalled. After contacting the Warrenton Group, I’ve been informed that “the fence is up and construction is slated for August.”

I did notice that the original fence was a Long Fence and the one that is at the site now is a National Rent-a-Fence … so I suspect the missing fence was nothing more than a change in the fence rental company.

If you are interested in what this development will look like you can read my previous post here as well as look at the rendering below.



Tree Work Continues in the Neighborhood: Here are DDOT’s Maps Showing Where

Posted June 28, 2016 by Kent
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There’s been a lot of tree work in the neighborhood recently. Most noticeably with large street trees being removed. I’ve seen a few of the large trees that have come down, and while many look healthy at first glance they’ve been hollow inside. In looking around the DDOT Website, I found a number of interactive maps including the following map showing the locations of trees to be removed this season.

Tree removal map 2016(Click on map for navigable tree removal map.)

I also found this interesting map that shows the locations of street trees in D.C. and give an indication on how large they are.

DDOT street tree canopy(Map showing current street trees and open tree spaces. It also indicates the size of the tree.)

And, of course, my favorite is where the new trees will be planted in the coming 2016/2017 winter season. That map is accessible below.

New tree planting map 2016(Click to access DDOT’s tree planting map to see where new trees will be planted in the coming season.)

Mark Your Calendars — Annual Soldiers’ Home July 4th Celebration Coming Up

Posted June 27, 2016 by Kent
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The Friends of the Soldiers Home has organized their 5th Annual Fourth of July at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. See the flyer below for the schedule, or check out the Friends of the Soldiers Home’s Web site to learn more about the group.

Soldiers Home July 4th


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