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Georgia Avenue Resurfacing Begins Monday, November 7th

November 4, 2011

For most of November you might want to avoid Georgia Avenue between Kansas Avenue and Otis Place if at all possible. Now that the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project is coming to an end, that section will be subject to roadwork and temporary closings at it gets resurfaced. The DDOT announcement is below:

Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project


Georgia Avenue, NW from Kansas Avenue to Otis Place

11/7/11 through 11/23/11

            Street parking closures will occur throughout the duration of resurfacing

            Temporary travel lane closures occur from 7:00am-7:00pm Monday – Friday

Please be advised that the resurfacing of Georgia Avenue NW, from Kansas Avenue to Otis Place  will begin Monday November 7, 2011 and last through Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 (weather permitting).

Travel lanes will be maintained as follows;

7:00am -9:30am:  Two southbound travel lanes, and one northbound travel lane will be open during resurfacing.

9:30am – 3:30pm:   One southbound and one northbound travel lane will be open during resurfacing.

3:30pm – 6:00pm:   Two northbound travel lanes, and one southbound travel lane will be open during resurfacing.

6:00pm – 7:00pm:  One southbound and one northbound travel lane will be open during resurfacing.

·     All access to businesses and residences will be maintained throughout resurfacing.

·     Please contact the DDOT team at 202.541.1526 or at with any questions or comments.


Updates: Petworth Safeway & Great Streets Funding

September 16, 2011

It’s been a busy week. In addition to items I’ve posted this week, readers will also want to check out news about the following two developments.

  1. The Petworth Safeway: DCMud published an article on the Zoning Commissioner Hearing yesterday. It’s worth a read.
  2. Great Streets Funding: The Washington Examiner’s Liz Farmer published an article on Mayor Gray’s decision to NOT touch the $1.44 Great Streets funds for Georgia Avenue. That article can be found here.


Proposed Reprogramming of Georgia Avenue Great Streets Funding Draws Council and ANC Action, Community Activism

September 9, 2011

The Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project in front of Looking Glass and Blue Banana, as it looked at the end of July

Ever since the Washington Business Journal published on August 10th that Mayor Vincent Gray intends to reprogram the remaining $1.44 million from the Georgia Avenue Great Streets project to help finance the overhaul of 2850 New York Ave. NW for the Metropolitan Police Department the move have drawn opposition.

From the start, Councilmembers Jim Graham and Muriel Bowser issued a resolution protesting the reprogramming of the Great Streets funds. Residents along Georgia Avenue were also none to happy. One of the more active protesters is Lower Georgia Avenue resident Sylvia Robinson who developed a petition that has already received 400 signatures.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions aren’t sitting idly by either. Both ANC 1A and ANC 4C are also drafting resolutions in opposition to the Mayor’s hoped for reprogramming (draft 1A resolution here). But opposing the movement of $1.44 million is a drop in the bucket from what Georgia Avenue needs. One need only look at the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project to get a sense of how much money is needed to renovate the remaining Ward 1 and Ward 4 sections of Georgia Avenue.

The Middle Georgia Avenue project is currently about three quarters completed and has an estimated cost of $7,906,624.05. The scope of this project is from Webster Street (north) to Otis Place (south) and began on May 17, 2010 — making the duration of actual construction for the section around 16 months. Similar investment is surely needed in both the lower and upper sections of Georgia Avenue. While saving and protecting the remaining $1.44 million in Great Streets funding is an important first step, without a firm commitment from the entire D.C. Council and the Mayor to support and fully fund the remaining sections of Georgia Avenue and make it a priority, the last million and a half in the pot for Georgia Avenue is not likely to make a visible impact.


August Update on Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

August 17, 2011

DDOT issues their latest update on the progress of the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project last week and I am posting it below as an FYI. The majority of the project seems to be focused at in the Park View section at this time with a major focus being between Princeton and Otis Places.

Middle Georgia Avenue Great Street work at Otis Place and Georgia Avenue, NW

Below is DDOT’s announcement:

Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

Otis Place to Webster Street, NW

Monthly Project Update, August 2011



Work will continue along Georgia Avenue between Otis Place and Princeton Place, NW. The DDOT team will be installing concrete base, new sidewalk, pavers and completing the bump-out. Installation of new street lights will continue from Quebec Place to Otis Place, NW .

We are pleased to report that the project remains on schedule. This month we will also break down the existing staging area located at Taylor Avenue and 9th Street, NW.


Various Locations:

  • Construction tasks will require temporary, daytime parking lane closures on Georgia Avenue between Princeton Place and Newton Place from 7:00am-5:00pm, and temporary travel lane closures, 9:30am-3:30pm.
  • Pedestrian traffic will be re-directed with detours along sidewalks where excavation is occurring. Access to businesses and residences will continue to be maintained.
  • Paving/Resurfacing will take place in the evening hours.


  • 9th Street from Upshur to Kansas:  Parking may change from parallel to diagonal parking on the East side of 9th Street. The travel lane will remain one-way northbound.
  • 9th Street from Taylor to Upshur:  Parking has changed from parallel to diagonal parking on the West side of 9th Street. Travel lanes will change from (2), two-way travel lanes, to (1) travel lane, one-way southbound. (more…)

Progress Report: Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets

July 27, 2011

The Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project in front of Looking Glass and Blue Banana

Work on the middle Georgia Avenue Greatstreets project is now focusing on the west side of Georgia between Princeton Place and Otis Place. The area with the most activity seems to be in front of Looking Glass, Blue Banana, and other businesses located in that stretch. Besides the new curbs and gutters (easily seen above), new concrete pads are being installed for the new streetlights that will be installed.

Work across the street on the east side of Georgia is also continuing. One thing I really like is the bumped out cross walk areas. The one below is on the east side of the street across from the intersection with Otis. People unfamiliar with Park View’s cross streets may not realize than most of them are not in alignment as they cross Georgia. This actually provides an opportunity for DDOT to reclaim more of the street as they bump out the crosswalks which is what is shown in the photo below. I hope that we can get a nice public bench or other amenity with the extra public space created at this location.

View of the east side of Georgia looking north from Otis Place. DDOT has narrowed the street for the crosswalks.


Fire Call Box Harp Returned

July 19, 2011

Reinstalled call box harp

Thanks to all that alerted me to this. I really have to give DDOT props on this one. Less than a week after I called the project manager of the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project, the missing fire call box harp at Princeton Place and Georgia Avenue was reinstalled.

While the location isn’t exactly where it once was, I think just getting it back was a huge accomplishment. With the return of this harp, the Park View area continues to have three of the original twelve fire call boxes that once served the community.

I think just getting the harp back is not enough, though. The next step needs to be to make it an attractive and valuable asset. One way to do that would be to have it serve as a historical marker as many other harps in DC do.


Park Morton Progress Update

July 15, 2011

What better way to end the week than to show an update of The Avenue (Park Morton I). You can see what it looked like at the end of June here.  I’ve also recently learned that the builders intend to include some sort of green roof on the building, but just how much is still unknown to me.

Below is a shot of the foundation work taken earlier this week.


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