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… And We’re Back

July 23, 2018

Those who regularly checked in on this blog surely noticed that I stopped posting on a daily basis in June. With this post I intend to restart a more frequent posting schedule. The break was due in large part to busy schedule leading up to the June Democratic Primary, in which I was a candidate for the Ward 1 seat for the Council of the District of Columbia. I thank everyone for your patience and understanding for the break on this blog. In all honesty, I could have taken a different approach and blogged about the election, campaign experiences, and issues from my perspective. However, that was not the purpose that I had set this blog up to do and it just didn’t feel right to me to go there.

The above stated, I also think this is a good time to seek feedback on what people would like to see as the focus of this blog and if there are neighbors who are interested in writing for it. I do think this is an opportunity to broaden the topics to issues that are city-wide and not just the northeast corner of Ward 1 and surrounding areas. There are a lot of things that are afoot from transportation, to the Comprehensive Plan update, to health care, and of course the November elections to name a few.

So have at it, share your thoughts and ideas below for how this site can continue being a good resource for the community.

Multi-Family Yard Sale on Princeton Place this Saturday

October 12, 2017

Here’s something that may be of interest to neighbors, the 600 and 700 blocks of Princeton Place have synchronized their attic and basement clean-outs to offer to the community a 2- block long yard sale this

According to one of the organizers, there will be many bargains, from kids’ everything to adult clothes, furniture, kitchen gear, and art, probably with a couple of lemonade/cookies stands.

Early 20th Century Photo of Rock Creek Church Cemetery Gate House

January 6, 2017

Back in August I found this old photo of the Gate House to Rock Creek Church Cemetery. Based on the other photos that were with it, I’m dating the photo to ca. 1915.

St. Pauls Episcopal church gate house

The gate house is still there and anyone familiar with the cemetery should recognize it. There are two things I like about this photo, though. The first is that it also includes a man standing in Rock Creek Church Road set up to take a photograph of the Soldiers’ Home Cemetery to the east. The other is that it shows that the entrance to the cemetery was once at Harewood Road. Today, the entrance has been moved to the west and is now at Rock Creek Church and Webster. This means that the gate house is no longer located right next to the gate.

The map below is a detail from the 1919 edition of the Baist’s real estate atlas of surveys of Washington, on which I’ve included an arrow showing the direction from which the above photo was taken. It also shows that Webster Street had not yet been constructed to connect with Rock Creek Church Road.


Around Town: Nearby News of Note

December 22, 2016

Chavez Prep(Chavez Prep Middle School at 770 Kenyon Street, NW).

Crowdfunding Raises Money for School Library – Jennie Tomlinson-Herr, the librarian at Chavez Prep Middle School (770 Kenyon St. NW), last week launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the low-income school’s library, which received a 70 percent cut in funding. In 7 days, they’ve already reached their goal. (Borderstan)

Zippin’ Chickin’ Opens at 2910 Georgia Avenue – After a soft opening in October, Zippin’ Chickin’ and Fish is now officially at 2901 Georgia, at the corner of Georgia and Harvard. Check out their menu. (New Columbia Heights)

Petworth News’ Ongoing Spotlight on ANC Commissioners (Kent Boese edition) – For several years now, Petworth News has been interviewing Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners and other local movers and shakers in the greater Petworth area. Recently they asked to sit down and chat with me, with the results now on their site (Petworth News)

Advertising Spoon with a Link to Georgia Avenue’s Past

December 14, 2016


I’m always on the look out for old items that have a link to the Georgia Avenue neighborhoods. A while ago I found this advertising spoon from the early 1900s showing Corby Bakery. Below is a close up of the bowl, which has an elevation of the bakery.


You can still see the original building at 2301 Georgia Avenue at the intersection at Barry Place.

Corby's Bakery Building(Image from flickr user StreetsofWashington)

Around Town: Nearby News of Note

December 12, 2016

There has been a lot going on in and around the community in the past week and a half. Following is some of the news you may have missed.

McMillan Sand Filtration Site.

McMillan Sand Filtration Site.

Development of McMillan – On Wednesday December 7th, Mayor Bowser broke ground at the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant, and the following day DC’s highest court blocked the development. While the court did not rule out taller buildings, it did say that the Zoning Commission must explain its reasons for weighing some factors of the Comprehensive Plan over others more fully. (Greater Greater Washington).

Gentrification in Park View – Colony Club owner Max Zuckerman spoke with a producer of the Kojo Nnamdi show about gentrification, the history behind Colony Club’s name, and his commitment to being a positive member of the community (WAMU)

Housing vs. Park Space – In addition to my brief notes from the Zoning hearings for the redevelopment of Park Morton,  Greater Greater Washington asks if creating new housing — most of it for low- and moderate-income residents — is worth giving up over an acre of temporary park space at the Bruce Monroe site (Greater Greater Washington).

Cocktails Under $10? – The Washington Post proclaims that Yes!, you can actually find good cocktails in D.C. for less than $10. Among their picks are Park View’s Union Drinkery and Petworth’s Ten Tigers Parlour (Washington Post).

Kangeroo Boxing Club Closing in January – Columbia Heights eatery Kangeroo Boxing Club opened in 2012. Now, it will be closing in January. But this isn’t the end — they will be working quickly to redevelop the space and plan to launch a new community focused bar and restaurant this summer (Borderstan).

Grimke Development Deal Hits a Snag – The District and Roadside Development have failed to reach an agreement to redevelop the historic Grimke School site at 1923 Vermont Ave. NW into a cultural center, offices, townhouses, and mixed-use apartment buildings (Washington City Paper).


President Obama and First Family Serve Thanksgiving Meals at Soldiers’ Home

November 28, 2016

For those that may have missed it due to holiday traveling, on Wednesday November 23rd, President Obama was in the neighborhood giving back to retired veterans as part of his Thanksgiving this year. The president and first family served Thanksgiving meals to residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. According to the Washington Post, “The campus is home to 405 previously enlisted service members, who represent every campaign since World War I. Obama served the turkey and gravy and briefly chatted with veterans and workers as they went through the line.”

New Little Free Library on New Hampshire Avenue

October 21, 2016

A new Little Free Library has recently popped up in front of 3509 New Hampshire Avenue. Its always interesting to me to see where this occur and the many different ways they are created.

Little Free Library

New Soofa Bench Placed at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza

October 18, 2016

Soofa Bench(Soofa Bench on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza)

If you have been on the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza in the last week, you may have noticed that DPR has placed a new Soofa bench in the center of the space. While the bench is kind of cool, the placement of the bench and the overall lack of a community process leading to its installation leave a lot to be desired. The bench is right in the middle of the plaza, where it will disrupt pedestrian movement through the plaza, particularly during the farmers market days and other public events.

But in looking at the bench itself, it is a good idea that I hope we’ll start to see in locations better suited to its design and service. The Soofa Bench is a solar-powered bench that charges phones and monitors its environment. I could see these benches being really useful in spaces like the 11th and Park Road dog park and at many of our parks and playgrounds.

Wells Fargo ATM Finally Open at Georgia Avenue Metro

August 31, 2016

IMG_1406[1](Wells Fargo ATM at the Park Place building on Georgia Avenue)

Its been a long time coming, but the Wells Fargo ATM above the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station (west side) appears to finally be operational. Back in 2011 I noted just how underserved the community was with banking services — especially compared to other areas around Metro stations such as U Street or Columbia Heights. While it isn’t a full banking facility, just having the ATM is a significant service improvement for the area.

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