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DC Giving Away Flower Seeds at Metro Stations on Friday

April 20, 2017

In honor of Earth Day, the District’s Department of Energy and Environment will be handing out free packets of native plant seeds. The seeds handed out this year will bloom into white and red flowers and support the habitats of pollinators, like bees and butterflies. In our area, seeds will be handed out at both the Georgia Avenue and Columbia Heights Metro stations.

Admiring the New Plantings at the Park View Rec Center

April 29, 2016

I wanted to acknowledge some of what the United Neighborhood Coalition accomplished during their UNC Earth Day event last Saturday. Despite the rain,  they were able to pick up a lot of trash and helped spruce up the Rec Center with flowers. The photos below show how nice the entrance to the rec center looks even with the rainy weather.

Park View Earth Day

Park View Earth Day 2

RiverSmart Bloomingdale Rebate Program Includes Much of Park View

August 20, 2015
Detail of Bloomingdale Sewershed map showing Park View area included.

Detail of Bloomingdale Sewershed map showing Park View area included.

I wanted to make sure that Park View residents were aware that much of the neighborhood falls within the Bloomingdale Sewershed, and thereby qualifies for Bloomingdale Sewershed Rebates. The program offers eligible residents located in the sewershed special incentives to reduce stormwater runoff. The goal of the program is to help prevent the severe flooding that the Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park neighborhoods have experienced in recent years.

Rebates exist for impervious pavement removal, installing pervious pavers, and green roofs. The rebate program ends on September 21, 2015, so if you are interested you can read all about it and get the appropriate forms at the DOEE Bloomingdale Sewershed Rebate Webpage.

The Website states that this program is available for single-family homes, condominiums, co-ops, apartments, locally-owned businesses, and houses of worship within the Bloomingdale Sewershed area.

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