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Walters Opening in Park View This Friday

July 15, 2015

Following up on my May 9th announcement that the former Blue Banana/Park View Patio space would become a new bar/tavern called Walters, I’m please to announce that plans are to open this Friday at 5 p.m. Walters is located between Looking Glass Lounge and DC Reynolds at 3632 Georgia Avenue..

Last night I was able to check Walters out during a soft opening. My initial impression is very positive, and this seems like the first business in the space over the last 10 years that actually understand what a business needs to, well, stay in business. Overall, it was comfortable and welcoming.

Currently, the food selection is limited to house-made beef jerky, warmed and salted pretzels, baked buffalo wings, foot long hotdogs, a side salad, and traditional potato salad. Starting on Friday there will also be two sandwich choices as well. This is all a far cry and an improvement over the previous businesses in this space. There is also a small kids menu, complete with a connect the dots puzzle and a coloring page. Not bad.

I believe Walters has a lot of promise, and may prove to be a home run once its in the swing of things.

Below are a few photos from my visit.



IMG_9115(Beer, jerky, and pretzel.)

IMG_9113(Alphabet soup, letters on the wall by the tables for young and old minds.)

New Tavern Coming to Park View

April 24, 2015

According to a liquor license application filed with ABRA in February, a new tavern is in the works called Reliable Tavern & Hardware, which will be occupying the former hardware store space at 3655 Georgia Avenue in the future. The application also describes the nature of the business as one that will service food and drinks with various activities including comedy, trivia, and televised sports.

It is too early to know many more details about the business, but updates will follow as they become available.

3655 Georgia(A new tavern is in the works at 3655 Georgia Avenue, located between Rock Creek Church Road and Quebec Place, NW. The store was most recently a hardware store.)

More Details About Union Drinkery, Coming to 3216 Georgia Avenue

December 31, 2014
Three new businesses are coming to 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue

Three new businesses are coming to 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue

Last week I posted that a new tavern was in the works for 3216 Georgia Avenue and that the ABRA license placard had been posted. The name of the business is Union Drinkery and is planned to have capacity for 86 patrons inside and a rear summer garden with capacity for 63 patrons. I now have a few more details about the property that I’m able to share.

The building in question is three storefronts at 3212-3216 Georgia Avenue. Union Drinkery will be located on the first floor of the northernmost building (3216) and on the second floor of 3214 and 3216 Georgia Avenue. The first floor of the other two storefronts will contain fast casual eating establishments, but will not serve alcohol — explaining why they are not part of the ABRA application. The photo below outlines where Union Drinkery will be located.

Union Drinkery outline(Union Drinkery will be located on both levels of 3216 Georgia and the second floor of 3214 Georgia — outlined above)

Below are floor plans that will also give an idea of what to expect.

Union Drinkery first floor(First floor plan showing location of Union Drinkery (outlined in red) and areas where fast casual dining will be located (outlined in green))

Union Drinkery second floor(Second floor plan showing area to be part of Union Drinkery, outlined in red).

I’ll continue to post more details as I learn more about Union Drinkery, and the two other businesses.

Hush Restaurant & Lounge Applies for Liquor License at 3124 Georgia Avenue

November 13, 2014
3124 Georgia Avenue, NW.

3124 Georgia Avenue, NW.

Here’s a new liquor license application that I was alerted to late yesterday afternoon — a Tavern license (Class “C”) for 3124 Georgia Avenue. The applicant is Anyado Hospitality Group, LLC dba Hush Restaurant & Lounge. The placards will go up on the building on Friday according to the official notice.

While Georgia Avenue has a number of successful businesses operating on a tavern license — including DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge — in reading the notice, Hush Restaurant sounds more like a nightclub.  The brief description on the nature of the business lists “Tavern specializing in intercontinental food with seating capacity of 250 and total occupancy of 350. Summer garden with 100 seats. Entertainment endorsement to include cover charge and dancing.”

Due to this, ANC 1A voted unanimously to oppose this ABRA application until we’ve had enough time to engaged both the business owner and the community to better understand how this business will impact the community. It is also an opportunity to enter into a Settlement Agreement should that the be correct path forward.

A copy of the public notice is below.’


New Business Moving into Former MaMa’s Southern Cuisine Space

March 3, 2014
MaMa's C

The former MaMa’s Southern Cuisine at 3118 Georgia Avenue.

The former MaMa’s Southern Cuisine space is in the process of becoming a new business that will offer coffee, small plates, and ping pong. According to an ABRA Notice of Public Hearing notice that was issued on February 28th, Colony Club, LLC, has applied for a Class “C” Tavern license for 3118 Georgia Avenue. In addition to the aforementioned focus of the business, the application also lists that there will be a Summer Garden, alcoholic beverages, and entertainment from DJs and musicians.

The applicants hours of operation from their application are listed below:

Colony Club Proposed Hours

(The full ABRA notice is available here)

New Signage at Park View Patio & Milk Cult Pop Up Shop

December 11, 2013

If you haven’t visited or walked past Park View Patio (at 3632 Georgia Avenue) lately, you may not have seen the new signage on the front of the building. You can see it below.

Park View Patio

Also, according to New Columbia Heights and the City Paper, Park View Patio is now hosting a pop-up shop from Milk Cult and Vigilante Coffee known as The Sanctuary.

milk cultThe Sanctuary, as reported by the City Paper, has coffee, breakfast tacos, ice cream, pastries, and other baked goods during the day when Park View Patio is closed. The breakfast tacos—$3.50 each—will all be made with sous-vide scrambled eggs. The three varieties will include bacon, potato, and hollandaise; corn beef hash; and fried green tomatillo. Milk Cult will provide a rotating selection of ice cream sandwiches and, eventually, scoops and pints in flavors like milk honey, salted caramel, and buttermilk lemon zest. The pastries and baked goods will come from Rare Sweets, which like Milk Cult, works out of Union Kitchen.

The continuously evolving food scene in Park View is starting to get very interesting, indeed.

Park View Patio (former Blue Banana) Opens Tonight in Time for Halloween!

October 31, 2013
The remodeled Park View Patio, located at 3632 Georgia Avenue, NW.

The remodeled Park View Patio, located at 3632 Georgia Avenue, NW.

The former Blue Banana — which closed in April this year — will open to the public tonight as the Park View Patio. From the time news first broke about the revamping of the Blue Banana, the name of the new business has been in flux. Most recently, it appeared that it was going to be called the York Patio before the owners settled on naming it after the neighborhood.

Park View Patio opens Halloween Night with a $20 open bar from 8-11 p.m.

Park View Patio opens Halloween Night with a $20 open bar from 8-11 p.m.

The interior has been somewhat remodeled, as has the exterior where the sleek metal window trim has been removed and replaced with a rustic wood veneer. The business is also addressing the lack of food — a large factor in the closing of the Blue Banana. While the business will open without a kitchen, the are planning to install one and hope to have it built out sometime this winter.

To address appetites in the mean time, Park View Patio’s Facebook page indicates that they’ll “be teaming up with several vendors from the Union Kitchen food incubator to provide various pop-up food experiences. Purveyors such as Milk Cult, Ravioli Revolution and Green Eggs and Burgers have already signed up to satisfy your culinary curiosities.

In fact, Green Eggs and Burgers Twitter feed indicates that they will be providing the food options tonight. You can check out their food offerings at the Green Eggs and Burgers Website.

A question that I’ve receive a few times — and which the emphasis on the name’s “patio” has prompted — is if this business has much of a patio. The former Blue Banana had a modest patio, but Park View Patio has expanded that to include the large outdoor space behind Gina’s Beauty Salon at  3630 Georgia Avenue. You can get a sense of how large the patio is from the plan drawing below.

Plan drawing showing the enlarged patio area behind both 3632 and 3630 Georgia Avenue (patio at bottom of drawing).

Plan drawing showing the enlarged patio area behind both 3632 and 3630 Georgia Avenue (patio at bottom of drawing).

Last night was Park View Patio’s soft opening. To give you a sense of what the interior is like, I’ve provided a few photos from last night below.

Park View Patio

Park View Patio

Of the Patio

Park View Patio

Park View Patio

September ANC 1A Meeting Wrap Up

September 13, 2013
The Coupe, located at 3415 11th Street, NW.

The Coupe, located at 3415 11th Street, NW.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a summary of an ANC 1A meeting. Since several of the items will be of interest to the community, I thought I would touch upon some of the more significant ones.

To start with, the ANC voted to support a stipulated liquor license application for The Coupe’s outdoor cafe. The restaurant recently received its public space permit and has an application in to ABRA for the alcohol portion of it.  One overarching concern voiced at the meeting concerned the hours of operation. According to the application notice, the hours of operation and service applied for are:

Sunday 8 am – 11 pm Monday through Thursday 7 am – 11 pm Friday 7 am – 1 am and Saturday 8 am – 1 am

Sunday through Thursday 10 am – 11 pm Friday and Saturday 10 am -1 am

As owner Constantine Stavropoulos stated at the meeting, he applied for the hours he did so that he could be flexible depending upon when the business is. He doubts that the full outdoor cafe will be used other than peak hours, and noted that other establishments — like Meridian Pint which has no restrictions on hours — shut down their sidewalk service earlier than his applied for hours due to a lessening of business in the evening.

The ABRA application for the coming T.G.I. Fridays at 14th and Monroe Street didn’t fair as well. Several residents from the Samuel Kelsey Apartments (senior housing above the restaurant space) and from Monroe Street attended to oppose the application and the ANC voted to protest the hearing. The protest will preserve the ANC’s standing with ABRA until a Settlement Agreement can be negotiated.

The former Blue Banana space at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW.

The former Blue Banana space at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW.

Closer to home, the Commission approved an amendment to Looking Glass Lounge’s Settlement Agreement which extends their hours of operation to include lunch service. It also passed a letter of support for the former Blue Banana (3632 Georgia) to expand the summer garden in the rear to include the space behind 3630 Georgia — something that has the support of the property owner.

Lastly, the Commission voted to nominate the former Bruce School building as a historic landmark (770 Kenyon). The building is currently home to the Cesar Chavez PCS and in the midst of adding a gymnasium  to the structure. The landmark nomination will not interfere with the construction project.

Kenyon Street Elevation from original drawings by architect William M. Poindexter, dated  March 14, 1898.

Kenyon Street Elevation from original drawings by architect William M. Poindexter, dated March 14, 1898.

Baba’s Cooking School Coming to 3607 Georgia Avenue

September 3, 2013
Future home of Baba's Cooking School at 3607 Georgia Avenue.

Future home of Baba’s Cooking School at 3607 Georgia Avenue.

It’s been a year since we first learned of the proposed Pop-Up restaurant coming to Park View. Back then, the proposed name was EatsPlace but it looks like it’s been changed to Baba’s Cooking School. While things have been quiet, apparently the project has been moving forward. The property is located on the east side of Georgia Avenue, across the street from DC Reynolds and Lion’s Fine Wines and two doors north of Bill’s Seafood Kitchen.

Last Friday, the building was placarded in response to their application for a liquor license for the business. From the placard, the restaurant is described as:

Tavern style restaurant incubator serving eclectics, innovative cuisine, including dumplings and street food. Request a summer garden with 20 seats and entertainment endorsement with live music and ensembles. Seating capacity 60 and total occupancy load of 69.

As I understand it, the summer garden space would be in the front of the property.

For those interested in the other details of the notice of public hearing, they are below:

Posting Date:    August 30, 2013
Petition Date:    October 15, 2013
Hearing Date:   October 28, 2013
Protest Date:     December 11, 2013

Sunday through Thursday 9 am – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 9 am – 3 am

Sunday 10 am – 2 am, Monday through Thursday 9 am – 2 am Friday & Saturday 9 am – 3 am

Sunday through Thursday 10 am -2 am and Friday & Saturday 10 am – 3 am

Sunday through Thursday 6 pm – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 6 pm – 3 am

Additional Lunch Options In the Works for Georgia Avenue

August 28, 2013
The west side of the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue.

The west side of the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue.

Here’s some promising news for Georgia Avenue — Looking Glass Lounge is hoping to expand their hours to include lunch service. While there is no definite date for when this could happen, they hope it will be soon. The only hurdle I’m aware of is their hours of operation and alcohol service that are in their Settlement Agreement. To that end, I’ve already drafted an amendment to that agreement that would increase their hours to include lunch and allow them to operate during the same hours as DC Reynolds.

I’ll introduce the amendment during the September 11 ANC 1A meeting. Presuming all goes well, Looking Glass Lounge will be free to pursue their plans when the timing is right.

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