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Starting to See Some Progress at New Market on Georgia

August 20, 2018

The small storefront at 3412 Georgia Avenue (next to Kraken Axes) is finally starting to show some progress after it appeared to stall in late 2017. According to building permits, the new business will be La Herradura Super Market and will be about 2,896 sq. ft. of space. The original permit was issued in February 2016, with a 1st extension in July 2017 and a 2nd extension in October 2017. In asking around, I understand that the latest hurdle in their efforts was appealing a vacant tax bill that the city had levied due to the slow progress.

While I know that the District is attempting to crack down on vacant property, which I applaud, I feel they are overly aggressive with some of these slower developments in our area. While I;m sure I’m not along is saying I would like them to move more quickly, financing can be an issue and I don’t believe that DC supports our small business community as well as we should. Given the choice between getting this property renovated slowly or vacant and unusable for years, I’ll take the slower path as long as there is progress.

(Future La Herradura Super Market at 3412 Georgia Avenue, NW)

King’s Deli and Grocery Closed Due to Health Code Violation

January 27, 2017
King's Deli & Grocery on the corner of Georgia and Quebec

King’s Deli & Grocery on the corner of Georgia and Quebec

I’ve learned that King’s Deli (located on the northeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Quebec Pl, NW) closed on January 17th due to operating without hot water, which is a health code violation.

As King’s Deli also has a liquor license, the liquor license will be put in safe keeping until the store reopens.

Latino Market May Be in the Works for Georgia Avenue

January 19, 2017

img_2030(Former D&B Deli site, just north of the old Murrays on Georgia Avenue.)

The old D&B Deli at 3412 Georgia Avenue (btw. Morton & Park Rd.) is closed and appears to be turning into a Latino Market. Its hard to tell how quickly this transformation will occur, as the Coming Soon sign for La Herradura Supermarket has been up since November.


Checking Out Columbia Heights’s Odd Provisions

December 19, 2016

Odd Provisions(Odd Provisions, located at 3301 11th Street, NW).

Over the weekend, I finally found time to check out Odd Provisions, a small grocery that recently opened at the corner of 11th and Lamont streets in Columbia Heights. According to their Web site, “Odd Provisions is a contemporary corner market providing fresh and convenient food and household necessities to the residents of Columbia Heights and Park View. We feature the products of local farmers and artisans as well as a curated selection of craft beer and wine.”

Upon entering the store, I liked what I saw and can definitely see myself shopping there. While it isn’t overstocked (possibly due to how new it is), what I liked was that there is a selection of items that aren’t typically found in the larger chain stores — and definitely not in our immediate neighborhood. I found crème fraîche  in the cooler area, a nice selection of wines, vinegars, and mustards, and other specialty items such as truffle oil.

Below are a few photos to provide an idea of what to expect.




Petworth Safeway on Target to Open This Friday, June 27th

June 24, 2014
Petworth Safeway at Georgia and Randolph, NW.

Petworth Safeway at Georgia and Randolph, NW.

The new Petworth Safeway in on schedule to open this Friday, June 27th — the goal that was shared with the community back in May. In walking past the store last night, it looks like it is all set up inside and ready to go.

I talked with one of the security staff at the site as well, and he stated that while there will be some type of official event on Thursday, the store will be ready to serve customers on Friday. This was also in agreement with the countdown clock (see image below).

While the store is good to go this week, the living units above the store will take a little longer before they are move-in ready.

IMG_6830(Petworth Safeway countdown clock as seen on Monday, June 23rd)


Petworth Safeway Aiming for Late June Opening

May 14, 2014

Petworth Safeway(The Petworth Safeway at Georgia and Randolph, NW)

If chatter on the Petworth Listserv is to be believed, the future Petworth Safeway is shooting for an opening date on or around June 27th. In walking past the site over the weekend, that certainly seems plausible. With the building still under construction, shelving and lighting is already being installed within the future grocery store.

In related news, Joseph Martin also reported on the Petworth Listserv that opposition to Safeway’s liquor license application — to sell beer and wine only —  has been filed. According to Martin — who does a good job monitoring liquor license applications and the DC Register for relevant Petworth area items — 16 people signed pre-printed letters to protest Safeway’s ABRA application and submitted them by the Board’s protest deadline.

Martin writes:

… the protest “appears to have been led by the convenience store across the street, 7 Round Davis Market at 3819 Georgia Avenue NW … [and] the printed letter objects ‘on the basis of peace order quiet and over concentration.’ Some of those protesting opposed on the basis of objecting to an additional alcohol license in the neighborhood. About half live within a block of the new Safeway. One letter-signer who gave a Woodbridge, Virginia street address (although attributed that street to being in DC) complained that the new Safeway “is going to cause to (sic) much traffic.”

Safeway’s Craig Muckle has asked that any community members who have not yet expressed their support (or share other concerns) for Safeway’s beer-and-wine license application to do so. Email: craig.muckle (at) safeway (dot) com.  Muckle also asked that supporters consider showing up at ANC 4C’s monthly meeting this Wednesday, April 14. ANC 4C will take up the Safeway beer-and-wine license application on Wednesday [tonight]. Please also consider letting the Commissioners know how you feel about the application: Commissioners.

ANC 4C will meet next week at 801 Shepherd Street NW, the MPD Control Services Bureau Building, instead of the usual space at the Petworth Library. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm. 

When I polled residents a year ago, there was overwhelming support for Safeway to sell beer and wine … and I certainly agree with that position. Grocery stores in other parts of Washington sell beer and wine and, practically, it is something that shoppers reasonably expect to be available in a large, new grocery store.

While my experience with ABRA suggests that Safeway will be successful with their application, I think reaching out to ANC 4C Commissioners or Safeway, as Martin suggests above, certainly would be helpful to Safeway.

Petworth Safeway ABRA Placards Go Up Today

March 21, 2014

It’s official, the ABRA placards for the coming Petworth Safeway will be posted today. Below is the Notice of Public Hearing for those that want to read it, want to know when the petition and hearing dates are, or what to know when the hours of sales and service will be.

Safeway ANC 4C

Update on Petworth Safeway Beer & Wine Sales and Opening Date

March 18, 2014
 3830 Georgia Avenue NW -- future home of the Petworth Safeway.

3830 Georgia Avenue NW — future home of the Petworth Safeway.

Nearly a year ago, there was a discussion on the Petworth listserv on whether or not the new Petworth Safeway should be able to sell beer and wine. In 1999, the D.C. Council imposed a citywide moratorium on new Class B licenses – which allow beer and wine sales – to discourage loitering and public drunkenness. The council later carved out an exemption, but only for new “full-service grocery stores,” or those undergoing “substantial” renovation – requirements this Safeway would seem to meet. The problem for the new safeway, however, is that another, more recent, moratorium restricts Class B licenses in nearly all of Ward 4. The moratorium does not include the exemption for grocery stores. So, absent Council action the Petworth Safeway would not be allowed to sell beer and wine. In April 2013, when I polled readers about this, there was overwhelming support for the new Safeway to sell beer and wine.

Last week, Petworth resident Joe Martin provided an encouraging follow up on the Petworth listserv to last year’s discussion. According to Martin, last week the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board gave the new Petworth Safeway a green light to proceed with its beer-and-wine license application. Martin’s posting continued:

There had been some delay in the process while the Safeway corporation satisfied the Board’s administrative questions over the past few months, i.e. provision of architectural plans and meeting the legal definition of a grocery store.

Craig Muckle from Safeway’s public relations division appeared before ANC 4C [on March 12th … and] stated that the Petworth Safeway plans to open in three-to-four months and that the store can open even while construction continues above it, having done so in other development projects.

Muckle noted that the Safeway will open an office in Petworth in advance of the store opening for the purpose of accepting job applications and interviewing qualified applicants. He stated Safeway hopes to hire a considerable number of area residents and that employees of the previous Safeway will be considered for positions with the new Petworth Safeway. Muckle stated that the new Safeway will create over 200 jobs at the Petworth location.

Placards will soon appear on the building announcing the date for an ABC Board hearing on the beer-and-wine license application for a Retailer B license, #93822. The Retailer B classification permits grocery stores and wholesalers to sell beer and wine.

Once ABRA posts the application placards I’ll post additional details for residents who want to express support or opposition to this license.

Petworth Safeway Making Good Progress

July 15, 2013

If you haven’t been near the Petworth Safeway site in a while, its making good progress. Work has finally reached grade so we should start to see it rise quickly in the next few months. I have included some recent photos below to illustrate its current status, and, as was pointed out to me last time I posted an update, you can also monitor the sites progress via an online Webcam which has daily updates and a time-Lapse movie.

I’m definitely looking forward to having another nearby grocery option for the community.

View of the Safeway site from the Intersection fo Georgia and Quincy.

View of the Safeway site from the Intersection fo Georgia and Quincy.

View of the site from Georgia and Randolph.

View of the site from Georgia and Randolph.

The construction along Georgia Avenue has finally broken grade.

The construction along Georgia Avenue has finally broken grade.

View of the site from the northwest corner of the property, along Randolph Street.

View of the site from the northwest corner of the property, along Randolph Street.

Looking east over the site from the alley.

Looking east over the site from the alley.

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