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Update on Petworth Safeway Project

July 11, 2012

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about when the Safeway at 3830 Georgia Avenue will be closed, razed, and replaced. In fact, the last major news was back in February 2011. I’ve been asked by several people if the project is still moving forward, or if like so many others it has merely evaporated out of sight and mind.

Well, it seems others have been wondering the same thing. The question was raised on the Petworth Listserv on Monday (7/9) and thanks for Joe Martin, the following information was distributed.

The Safeway is scheduled to close within the next 30-45 days. All the necessary permits have been submitted and are in the process of getting approved and issued.  Duball, LLC, is also in the process of securing final construction pricing for the project. All-in-all everyone involved in the project is optimistic that the store closing process and follow-up demolition of the old building will begin in late August or early September.

As mentioned in an earlier post,  Safeway plans to open a temporary pharmacy down the street during construction.


Sneak Peak at Annie’s Ace Hardware

December 27, 2011

Right before the Christmas holiday many residents in the area were pleased to see the signs installed at the future Annie’s Ace Hardware at 1240 Upshur Street, NW. After talking to owner Anne Stom, I was able to learn the additional details.

In advance of the projected February 7th opening, shelving and merchandise will begin to arrive and get installed on the second week of January. The store will have two cash registers, a paint department, the ability to cut glass and make keys, and an outdoor garden section. The patio for the garden section has not yet been poured but should begin soon.

The photo below shows the interior ready for everything that will make the building a business.

Everything that will turn this space into a hardware store will begin to arrived in January

To further illustrate what shoppers may expect at Annie’s, the plan below provides a good indication of the products that will be available.

While the entryway has changed since this map was drawn, the aisle configuration is largely the same and the labels give a strong indication of the products that will be available


Did Brown’s Caribbean Bakery Close?

October 11, 2011

Brown's Caribbean Bakery, 3301 Georgia Avenue

As I was walking past Brown’s Caribbean Bakery yesterday I noticed that there was a sign in the door (below) stating: “Closed until further notice!” Does anyone know if this is a temporary closure or a permanent closure?

According to the bakery’s Website, Brown’s has been open since 1980 and  has been a staple in the community. It is family owned and operated and has “won many awards for its service and quality products, voted best Jamaican bakery in Washington D.C. by”

The description continues, stating that “[o]wners Selvyn and Eulah Wright supply many area delis and carryouts with soft, fluffy coco bread. This sweet bun, when sliced, forms a pocket. In goes a patty, a satisfying turnover filled with beef, chicken or vegetables. Also popular at Brown’s is the spiced bun, a loaf of bread, flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon and raisons, as well as “bulla” cake made with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. “Metro Carib Stops,” The Washington Post.”

Sign at Brown's indicating indefinite closure


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