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May 2011 Update for Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project.

May 11, 2011

DDOT has issued another periodic update for progress on the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project which runs between Webster Street, NW, and Otis Place, NW. You can read the outline of what DDOT is currently working on below.

Additionally, residents interested in development along Georgia Avenue may consider attendting the ANC 1A Meeting tonight. Tarek Bolden of the Office of Planning will be presenting the OP’s Georgia Avenue Retail Action Strategy Plan at the ANC meeting. The presentation will be based largely on aspects from the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Action Strategy drafted in December 2009.

DDOT Announcement below:

Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

Otis Place to Webster Street, NW

Monthly Project Update, May 2011


Georgia Avenue between Otis Place and Princeton Place:

  • Excavation and installation of duct banks – temporary restoration.

Georgia Avenue between Princeton Place and Quebec Place:

  • Excavation and installation of duct banks – temporary restoration.
  • Excavation and installation of new curb and gutter.
  • Install new PCC sidewalk and permeable pavers.

Georgia Avenue between Quebec Place and New Hampshire Ave:

  • Excavation and installation of duct banks – temporary restoration.
  • Excavation and installation of new curb and gutter.
  • Install new PCC sidewalk and permeable pavers. (more…)

Construction Notice for Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

April 5, 2011

Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets Project

Otis Place to Webster Street, NW

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: 4/4/11 through 4/9/11

Work hours, including parking and sidewalk closures, are from 7:00am-5:00pm Monday – Saturday

Travel lane closures occur from 9:30am-3:30pm Monday – Saturday

Georgia Avenue between Taylor Street and Upshur Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Streetlight installation.
CLOSURES: SIDEWALK – Temporary closures and detours. PARKING LANE- Temporary closures.

Access to residences and businesses will continue to be maintained while sidewalks are temporarily closed or pedestrian traffic is detoured.

Georgia Avenue between Kansas Avenue and Varnum Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Streetlight installation and traffic signal pole installation at the island.
CLOSURES: SIDEWALK- Temporary closures and detours.

Access to residences and businesses will continue to be maintained while sidewalks are temporarily closed or pedestrian traffic is detoured.

Upshur Street between 8th Street & 9th Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Milling and Paving. Install laterals to all pendant poles and repair any broken laterals. Splices on all manholes.
CLOSURES: TRAVEL LANES: Temporary closures on Upshur Street. PARKING LANE – All.

9th Street between Taylor & Kansas Avenue:
TYPE OF WORK: Milling and Paving.
CLOSURES: TRAVEL LANE– Temporary closures on 9th Street. PARKING LANE – All.

Georgia Avenue between Randolph Street to Shepherd Street:
TYPE OF WORK: Install permeable pavers, granite curb and gutter. Install Light Pole foundations. Install streetlights at Shepherd Street.
CLOSURES: TRAVEL LANE – Temporary closures Georgia Avenue. PARKING LANE – All

Advanced door-to-door notices have been distributed and “Emergency No-Parking Signs” have been posted. Please be advised that any cars parked during construction hours along the streets with planned milling and paving activities will be towed.


Minor Update on Park Morton (Newton & Georgia)

April 1, 2011

Newton Variety Market, photo by flickr user rockcreek

Since I’ve been starting to get questions about the status of Park Morton’s first phase, particularly with the prospect of dust caused by demolition, I thought I’d share what I know.

Minor demolition work on the interior portions of the site have already begun. Work will continue and increase as the installation of the sediment control measures is completed.

According the project manager, in addition to the sediment control measures that are currently being installed to prevent runoff into the street and surrounding areas, during the demolition period they will be spraying water to minimize airborne dust. They will continually monitor this activity to ensure that the surrounding residents and businesses are not adversely affected by the ongoing work on this project.

Demolition of the existing structures is expected to begin in the next few weeks.


First Phase of Park Morton About to Begin

March 7, 2011

Emergency No Parking notice to allow Pepco work

After several months of inactivity at the former Newton Variety Market, it’s looking like the first phase of Park Morton is finally underway.

Pepco and Washington Gas finally got their permission from the District to remove their old lines to the property and on Thursday, March 3, 2011, Pepco commenced to do just that.

The site should start getting busy soon as preliminary work begins. An official ground breaking ceremony may also occur this month.

Utility crews have already begun removing gas and electral service to the property on the southwest corner of Newton and Georgia Avenue.


Zoning Hearing for The Vue Project Coming Up

March 1, 2011

The Zoning Commission will be holding the public hearing for Neighborhood Development Company’s Planned Unit Development (PUD) located at 3321 Georgia Avenue this Thursday.

Readers may recall that this is for NDC’s The Vue project located at Morton and Georgia (the strip mall that includes the Post Office). The need for the hearing is to respond to NDC’s request to build 20 feet higher than the current C2A zoning allows, which would allow the finished building to be a 90 foot structure with C2B zoning.

To offset the proposed zoning change and the development’s denser footprint, NDC has proposed to renovate the field house at the Park View Rec Center. This proposal was supported by ANC 1A at their January meeting.

For those interested in attending the hearing, details are below:

Location: One Judiciary Square, 441 4th St NW Suite 220S
When: March 3, 2011 @ 6:30pm
Case #: 10-26


Sherman Ave. Reconstruction on Time and on Budget According to DDOT

February 2, 2011

Sherman Avenue, looking south from Euclid Street

According to information on the DDOT Web site, the reconstruction of Sherman Avenue is 100% on schedule, with 100% of the design work done and about 18% of construction accomplished. Work on the roadway is currently focused on the west side of the thoroughfare and mostly south of Girard.

The completed project will consist of new medians with trees, new roadway, upgraded sidewalk ramps and streetlights, and traffic signals from Florida Avenue to Park Road. An additional image is below.

New water main installation in progress


Eye See It … Bruce Monroe

October 6, 2010

Envisioning how buildings used to look can be fun. Now thanks to Google, we can see satellite views of recent redevelopment. See below for before (2009) & after (9/2010) overhead shots of the Bruce Monroe site.


September 2010:

Reminder: Solicitation of Proposals for the Redevelopment of the Former Bruce Monroe School Site  – DUE 10/14 @ 3pm EDT.


Further Bruce Monroe Park News & Georgia Avenue Community Wrap-Up

August 26, 2010

At last night’s Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force meeting, the subject of Bruce Monroe Park arose. Three issues that still remain before the first phase can be completed are the ball courts, mulch, and water runoff.

The basketball courts still have playing surface issues, and are due to get resurfaced which will take them out of service for about a week. Apparently, the mulch at the park has been causing problems and will be removed so that sod can be put down in its place. Lastly, some of the neighboring properties have experience water runoff from the park, which needs to be addressed.

Questions remain concerning the second phase of the park which has yet to begin. The chief question has to do with money. While no one from DMPED was there, it was mentioned that $200,000 has been identified for programming and a future farmers’ market, but there was no information on how much of the original $2M is still available for the second phase of the project or where money for the planned structure will come from. The structure was described as being a solar, green building with an estimated cost of $750,000.

The only thing that is certain is that exact facts and figures still need to be obtained. I’ll provide updates and revised estimates as details unfold.

And on to Georgia Avenue — For those who want to know more about how the Georgia Avenue Community Review went on August 7th, The August issue of the Pleasant Plains Neighborhood Network News (click image to right) devoted most of the issue to a summary of that event.

Each of the six topics tackled by the focus groups are included with bullets of many of the ideas and suggestions that were raised by attendees. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone that wasn’t able to attend who is interested in knowing more.


510 Newton Place Getting Fixed Up

August 16, 2010

510 Newton Place

510 Newton Place if finally beginning to have some work done to it. While it was once a handsome residence, its been little more than a shell of a building for years.

It was last sold for $170,000 at the January 30th, 2009, DC Government Distressed Property Auction. According to a list of action winners published on February 18, 2009, the winner of the property was Nathaniel Lewis.

Judging from the work done already it appears that a basement entrance is being added to the front of the property.

Rear of 510 Newton Place


Curb Cut Installed at 3577 Warder

August 5, 2010

There are days when I’m reminded that I live in the Wild, Wild West. Yesterday was one of those days for it was then than I received a phone call alerting me that 3577 Warder Street was getting a curb cut.

Yes, yesterday they had permits, and plans, and everything appears to be on the up-and-up. But that was yesterday. The existence of such documents in this case makes me scratch my head and wonder why developers are afforded permissions that the average resident is not.

Newly poured curb cut at 3577 Warder

The issue of a curb cut at this property was first brought before ANC 1A in September, 2009. At that time, their request was denied due to there being no room for a driveway on the property, the close proximity of a street light, and the loss of two public street parking spaces in the community.

After waiting a few months, the builder next  proceeded to raze the home that was originally on the site. Being a singe family wood-frame home, it was one of the earliest homes in Park View.

DDOT Public Space/Parking Permit

The destruction of the property was done without a raze permit, the subsequent work was halted due to lack of permits and inspections, and the announcement of the building clearly stated that parking would be available. Though the City was alerted, clearly no one cared. The voice of concerned neighbors and the ruling of the ANC 1A commissioners certainly don’t seem to have been considered.

So now, after the developer has been denied his curb cut, inappropriately razed a building, and is in process of building new condos without community input, he’s able to go to the city and claim economic hardship because his project lacks parking and this will make his property less valuable … and he get a permit.

What’s worse, the permit clearly shows that the developer didn’t have to pay a “public inconvenience fee” and DDOT waived the $11,122.21 deposit.

All I can say is WOW. I hope DDOT will waive the deposit of each and every Park View resident that needs to repair a stone wall or get any other type of permit from DDOT. Allowing this project to get a curb cut is a travesty and only encourages other developers to flout the law and build whatever they want.


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