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New Capital Bikeshare Station Coming to 16th and Irving Street

March 9, 2016

A new Capital Bikeshare station is scheduled to be installed at 16th and Irving streets, NW, next to the school. The installation may begin as early as March 10th. In their letter to the ANC informing them of this new station, DDOT stated that the selection of this location was based on several factors such as population and employment density, proximity to Metro and requests from the public.

Bikeshare 16th Irving

DDOT’s Draft Bikeshare Development Plan Released for Public Feedback

October 9, 2015

I was excited to see that DDOT has released their draft Bikeshare Development Plan, and its open for public feedback. The public comment period is open through November 15th.

According to the DDOT announcement, the “draft plan establishes a set of goals, measures, expansion plans, and financial projections for the next six years for the District of Columbia’s portion of the Capital Bikeshare program.” You can read the 143 Bikeshare Development Plan online and comment on this webpage until November 15, 2015.

Capital Bikeshare expansion mapWhat I particularly like is the proposal to add two new bikeshare stations to the Park View area in 2017. While its hard to see on the map (click on map to right for larger version), the two stations being considered appear to be around 1) Park Road and New Hampshire Avenue and 2) Warder Street somewhere between Kenyon and Park Road.

I think this is an excellent opportunity to advocate for expanding the bikeshare system in the neighborhood and I encourage those who feel strongly about this or where stations should be located to fill out the feedback form.

You can read the overview of the expansion from the Development Plan after the jump (more…)

Contra-flow Bike Lane in the Works for 11th Street, NW

September 23, 2015

11th Street(View of 11th Street, looking north from Monroe)

According to a Notice of Intent I’ve received (click on image below for full notice), DDOT is proposing a contra-flow bike lane on 11th Street, NW between Monroe Street and Spring Road. This block is currently a one-way southbound road for cars. The new bike lane would be two-way for bikes while remaining one-way for cars. Cyclists traveling north would use the new bike lane, while southbound bike traffic would share the travel lane with cars.

I’m very excited and supportive of DDOT’s efforts to expand Washington’s Bike lanes. You can read the full notice below:

11th Street Bike Lane

Metrobus Route Alignment Proposed for 11th Street

September 17, 2015

WMATA will be at the October 14th ANC 1A meeting to discuss a consolidated alignment for Metrobus routes 63 and 64 along 11th Street NW. The map below shows how the proposed alignment would impact the routes on Sherman Avenue and 11th Street. The alignment was a recommendation that came out of the 60s Line Study conducted jointly by WMATA and DDOT.

11th Street Route alignment

Initial Look at DC’s Vision Zero

July 7, 2015

Following up on yesterday’s post about the need for better bike lane maintenance, I wanted to highlight the District’s adoption of the Vision Zero Initiative which began in earnest in March 2015. It is an initiative already adopted in other cities which “aims to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation safety by showcasing effective local actions, empowering local leaders to take action, and promoting partnerships to advance pedestrian and bicycle safety.” The stated objective of Vision Zero, according to the DDOT Website is:

By the year 2024, Washington, DC will reach zero fatalities and serious injuries to travelers of our transportation system, through more effective use of data, education, enforcement, and engineering.

In particular, I like the inclusion of the Vision Zero safety map which lets residents indicate safety issues collaboratively. I noticed that there aren’t many issues listed in the Park View area yet, but presume it will fill in over the next several weeks.

Access to some of the related safety and traffic plans is available at the DC Vision Zero page here.

Vision Zero map(Detail from Vision Zero map showing Park View area.)

The District Needs a Long Term Solution for Clean & Safe Bike Lanes

July 6, 2015
Beginning to clean up the gravel in the Warder Street bike lane.

Beginning to clean up the gravel in the Warder Street bike lane.

On June 1st I was alerted to loose gravel in the bike lane at the south end of Warder Street, NW. I presumed this would be an easy issue to resolve and reported it to 311. As it turns out, this was not an easy issue to resolve. After reporting the issue to 311 and then escalating the issue with the Mayor’s Ward 1 representatives in the Office of Community Relations and Services (MOCRS), a month later the loose gravel was still there.

As I’ve dug into this problem, it is my understanding that keeping bike lanes clean of minor but often dangerous debris is a citywide issue. Not being one to let a problem with a simple solution linger, I took it upon myself to clean up the gravel myself. While Warder Street is now clean, there are other bike lanes elsewhere that still need attention. With this in mind, I will continue to work with the city to find a lasting citywide solution to this problem.

In short, I believe that if Washington is going to invest in bike infrastructure, we also need to invest in bike lane safety and maintenance to ensure that these resources are in good repair and safe.

Boese cleanning bike lane(Commissioner Boese removing gravel from Warder Street bike lane.)

Warder bike lane(Warder Street bike lane with gravel removed.)

Donate Your Old Bikes to a Good Cause

May 8, 2015

Bikes of the worldDo you have a bike that you haven’t used in a long time that’s just collecting dust? Here’s a way to put it to good use. Annie’s Ace Hardware on Upshur sends me the following announcement:

“Your old bike could help someone in Africa get to work, school, or health services. On Sunday, May 17, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Bikes for the World is teaming up with Annie’s Ace Hardware to collect used bicycles, which will be distributed overseas, where they will be reconditioned by community organizations to improve the lives of impoverished people by helping them get to work, school and health clinics. Bring your old bikes, spare bike parts, and a $10 donation (to help defray the cost of shipping). All donations will go to Bikes for the World and are tax deductible.”

annies ace hardware

Another Accident at Intersection of Princeton and Warder

November 5, 2014
Accident at Princeton and Warder, November 4, 2014.

Accident at Princeton and Warder, November 4, 2014.

Yesterday, just before 8:00 a.m., there was yet another accident at the intersection of Princeton Place and Warder Street, NW. Those familiar with the intersection will know that northbound traffic on Warder Street does not have a stop sign whereas both east and westbound traffic on Princeton Place does. Every intersection on Warder south of Princeton is either an all-way stop or has a stop light, which I believe encourages drivers to speed up between Otis and Rock Creek Church Road (the next all-way stop).

In witnessing the accident yesterday, which is one of several to have occurred at this location over the past few months, it appeared that the eastbound vehicle either didn’t stop or did a rolling stop — perhaps under the assumption that Warder Street traffic has a stop sign. The accident involved two vehicles and one adult from the vehicle that was struck was taken away in an ambulance.

I’ve requested that DDOT review the safety and accident history of this intersection and consider making it an all-way stop already, but will follow up with them again after this recent event.

Bike Racks Installed at Petworth Safeway

July 9, 2014
Some of the new bike racks in front of the Safeway.

Some of the new bike racks in front of the Safeway.

Last week, I inquired about plans for bike parking in front of the new Georgia Avenue Safeway. From that conversation, I learned that the plan is to install 11 permanent bike racks outside the stores entrance. Four racks were installed along Randolph Street on July 2nd and the remaining  seven were installed July 7th. This provides parking for a total of 22 bikes outside the Safeway. There are also plans for 8 interior bicycle spaces within the garage on the G1 level, and the residential garage on the G2 level will contain 72 interior bicycle spaces.

I’m glad bike parking wasn’t forgotten among all the details of this project. The only issue I’ve see with the new racks is their use for scooter parking (see below). I’ve alerted Safeway of this and the need to provide better support for scooter parking. Hopefully this will be sorted out quickly.

Bike Racks(Scooters parked in the Safeway bike racks)

DDOT’s North-South Streetcar Materials Now Online

February 25, 2014

At the end of last week, DDOT added the presentation materials from their February public North-South Streetcar meetings to their online library. As a follow up to my previous post, I wanted to make sure residents interested in this initiative were aware of these materials and had an opportunity to review the information prior to the third series of meetings, which are currently scheduled for June 2014. Below is the meeting’s presentation slide deck and more images from the presentation boards.

slide deck title screen(The slide deck from the presentation. Click for all 23 slides)

The boards showing potential street cross sections should be of particular interest to the community, as they suggest how the streetcars could be laid out on particular streets  — which also suggests how they could impact parking or bike lanes. There were several options shown at the public presentations so that DDOT could get community feedback. I suspect that the options will be narrowed down with fewer options by the third round of public meetings. Below are scenarios A & B.


… and below are scenarios C & D.


… and lastly, the video below of streetcar simulations and videos from various US projects were shown during the second series of public meetings for the North-South Corridor. In these meetings, DDOT examined potential conceptual alignments for the streetcar.

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