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Additional Bike Rack News

December 21, 2011

The new bike racks on Georgia Avenue have been taking a fair amount of my time lately, so I thought I should post a quick update on where things are headed since my meeting with the Great Streets crew on Monday morning. The most significant change I was able to get incorporated into the plan is to increase the bike racks from four to eight in the area between Looking Glass Lounge and the future DC Reynolds. A bank of four are currently outside of Looking Glass. Another bank of four will be added a few doors south. Additionally, a trash can will be installed in the area of Manny & Olga’s.

On the east side of Georgia a few of the bike racks will be installed parallel with Georgia to maximize sidewalk space since that side tends to be narrower than the west side.

The bike racks at CVS were installed too close to the railing behind them to make they optimally useful

In response to feedback I’ve received from residents — and a bit more of a challenge — I’ve begun talking to CVS to see if they will reset the racks located just outside of their store at 3642 Georgia. As I’ve been made aware, they were installed too close to the rail behind them for them to be optimally useful.

Lastly, and entirely unrelated to Georgia Avenue, I noticed when I returned to the neighborhood yesterday that there were two new bike racks installed on Rock Creek Church Road, just east of Warder, outside of the Rock Creek Market.

New bike racks located outside of the Rock Creek Market (Warder and Rock Creek Church Road)


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