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Pleasant Plains Movie Night on Friday, July 20th — Will Feature Two Local Documentaries

July 18, 2018

District Bridges is hosting a panel discussion with two local documentary filmmakers whose films examine issues of gentrification in Washington, DC. this Friday. The event is in partnership with Howard University and the featured filmmakers.

The first movie was filmed in the 1970s and is Brick by Brick. Brick by Brick is by Writer, Director, and Producer Shirikiana Aina of Sankofa Video, Books and Cafe. The second film What Happened 2 Chocolate City is focused on current dynamics and is in the final stages of production (donations to get it over the finish line are happily accepted online). Free popcorn will be provided by District Bridge’s partners and volunteers of Encounter Church.

District Bridges is also seeking volunteer help for the event.

Here are the details:
LOCATION: Howard University parking lot beside Sankofa (2616 Georgia Ave NW)
DATE: Friday, July 20
6:30pm Set-up
7:30pm Gates open to the public
8:00pm Panel Discussion
8:45pm Movies start
10:30pm Clean-Up

There are also a number of restaurant options nearby, including right next door at Sankofa Cafe and within a block at Salt & Pepper Grill (Indian/Pakistani Cuisine), Dulcinea (Mexican Food), Sweetpea’s (Classic Soul Food) and Howard China Take-Out.


The Great American Cooking Story Episode 6 Features Area Restaurants

January 14, 2016

Here’s a documentary that will be of interest to many that features Jeremy Gifford of DC Reynolds here in Park View and Paul Ruppert of the Petworth Citizen. Both talk about their restaurants and their commitment to serving and being a part of the community. The documentary is part of a series by Clara Ritger. You can learn more about Ritger’s work, and see other episodes from the series here.

Area Filming Includes Park Place Locale

March 2, 2015
Notice of no parking for filming on Park Place.

Notice of no parking for filming on Park Place.

Late last week I was notified that Pictureshow Productions, a D.C.-based production company, was scheduled to film a project in various locations, including areas of Park View and Petworth. These locations included:

  • Ingraham St NW between 2nd and 3rd Streets;
  • New Hampshire Ave NW between Quincy and Randolph Streets;
  • Park Pl NW between Otis and Manor Places; and,
  • Otis St NE between 18th and 20th Streets (Dwight A. Moseley Field)

The scheduled filming dates were on Friday through Sunday, but it is unknown if the weather resulted in any need for rescheduling.

In following up with the DC Office of Motion Picture and TV Development, I learned that the project lists the Producer/Director as George Pelecanos and the Production Manager as Kyle Crosby. The project they’re working on is tentatively entitled Confidential Informant with the logline: “ A lifelong CI makes one last effort to earn his father’s love and respect.” “Confidential Informant” was the title of a short story by Pelecanos that was published in the 2006 book D.C. Noir, and takes place in the Park View neighborhood. I recall that Park Place features prominently in the story, as do other locations in the community. The story is also included as the lead story in Pelecanos’ new book The Martini Shot.

Whether destined for TV or the big screen, I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this project.

Below is the block where the filming was scheduled to take place.

Park Place(Park Place between Newton and Manor Places, view north from Manor Place)

Documentary of “The Wait”: A Mural by Nekisha Durrett

February 20, 2015

Here’s the full documentary of The Wait,  the mural by artist Nekisha Durrett that is painted on the side of Mothership at Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street, NW. This documentary is as much about the Park View neighborhood as it is about the mural. The documentary was created by local filmmaker, Lorie Shaull, who is clearly very talented and has done an excellent job.

I’m sure you’ll all enjoy watching this as much as I did.

Posters for Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” Displayed in the Neighborhood

July 24, 2013
Poster for the movie, "The Butler", at the Georgia Avenue Metro Station.

Poster for the movie, “The Butler”, at the Georgia Avenue Metro Station.

I noticed yesterday that a poster for the forthcoming movie, The Butler, was among the advertisements at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station. The movie is based on the story written in 2008 by the Washington Post’s Wil Haygood about White House butler Gene Allen, who lived in Park View at 710 Otis Place from 1947 until his death in 2010.

Lately, the film has attracted some attention due to a dispute in its title, which was recently resolved by the inclusion of “Lee Daniels'” at the beginning.

The film is schedule to be released on August 16th. Below is a trailer for the film, which I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing.

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