38 New Housing Options Being Added in Historic Church Conversion on Park Road, NW

The redevelopment of the historic Park View Christian Church on Park Road is nearly complete.

The conversion of the historic Park View Christian Church building and parking lot is quickly nearing completion, with the new construction now on the market and some of the condos in the historic building still receiving finishing touches. In all, the project is adding 38 new condos (including Inclusionary Zoning units) to the Park View community.

The buildings were open over the weekend and I managed to swing by and check them out. According to the developers Web site, units start at $290k, and from what I saw they go up to about $900,000, depending upon the unit size and location. I noted that five of the condos already have contracts pending.

You can see the range of prices and floor plans here.

There are a lot of things I like about this project. Top of my list is that it adaptively reuses a history building (and they are doing a good job of this). I also like the fit and finished that have been used throughout, that there is a range of unit sized, including two-level units, and that many of the upper units have dedicated outdoor space. I also like that this project was large enough to include units that are more affordable to the neighborhood than many developments bring.

You can see images of the units on their Web site, or I have included a few below I took on my visit.

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5 Comments on “38 New Housing Options Being Added in Historic Church Conversion on Park Road, NW”

  1. cur@ious.com Says:

    beautiful. We need a lot more like this!

  2. Tina Says:

    And according to Councilmember David Grosso, he wants to significantly raise our property taxes to subsidize developers to build units like this. I support affordable housing, but why our property taxes were supposed to fund schools. How’d that work out? Enough taxes — use the tax surplus we currently have!

    • tom Says:

      literally not what grosso wants to do

      • Tina Says:

        Literally… It is. Seems like its going over so well! People love a tax increase, right?

      • tom Says:

        He wants to raise taxes on properties over $1.5m. Thank you for standing up for those poor people whose homes are over $1.5m. And thank you for baselessly claiming the increased taxes would subsidize developers to build units like this.

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