WAMU Looks at Past, Present, and Future of the Soldiers’ Home

WAMU posted a nice feature on the Armed Forces Retirement Home today authored by Martin Austermuhle (read/listen to it here). What I enjoyed is that it does a good job of providing insight into what life it like there for the retirees, provides some history of the home, mentions the challenges the home is facing, and provides a glimpse of their vision into the future.

The Soldiers’ Home is a gem and one that many residents would like to see greater access too. When the surrounding neighborhoods of Park View and Petworth were constructed, the grounds were open to the public. By the 1920s restrictions on use began to appear and with the creation of the Washington Hospital Center in the 1950s (built on land originally belonging to the Soldiers’ Home), the home began closing access to the home to prevent drivers from cutting through the grounds. This included the closing of the Randolph Gate in 1953 and closing the Park Road gate in 1955.

Based on the WAMU story, the Soldiers’ Home indicated that they are interested in exploring more public access to the grounds at some future date, but currently are focused on the development of their 80 acres at North Capital and Irving Street and restoring the financial health of the institution.

(The Soldiers’ Homes Scott Building in the ca. 1860s)

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3 Comments on “WAMU Looks at Past, Present, and Future of the Soldiers’ Home”

  1. Anne Stom Says:

    yes, it was a good story but I was disappointed that they didn’t mention the work of the Friends of the Old Soldier’s Home and John Hughes.

    • Kent Says:

      Excellent point. John and the Friends of the Soldiers Home deserve a lot of the credit for the good relationship we currently have between the home and the neighborhoods.

    • Dave Says:

      There is a brief mention of the Friends and John Hughes near the end of the written story. I’m not sure if the audio version varies from the written version.

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