3110-3112 Georgia Avenue Finally Taking Shape

The new development at 3110-3112 Georgia Avenue has been slow going, but it finally appears to be taking shape I first noted it in August 2016 and saw demolition on the site in October 2017.

According to the building permits, the new building will be 4 stories plus a penthouse and a cellar with 16 apartments and a ground floor of commercial space. Below is the current state of the building. It is located just a few doors down from Colony Club.

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3 Comments on “3110-3112 Georgia Avenue Finally Taking Shape”

  1. george Says:

    a great development and a cool location (wish I could live next door to Colony Club); looks like it’s much better constructed than the one next to Timber, or that monstrosity at Sherman and Park.

  2. FriendsofBruceMonroe Says:

    They have been cranking pretty hard on it for a long time. Unlike so many BS projects that happen in our area, they actually did proper underpinning of the adjacent properties. That work must be done by hand- one wrong move with an excavator and you risk knocking down other buildings. This is what it looks like when REASONABLE development occurs with consideration to the neighbors.

  3. Tima Says:

    Do you know who was the developer?

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