3110-3112 Georgia Avenue Finally Taking Shape

The new development at 3110-3112 Georgia Avenue has been slow going, but it finally appears to be taking shape I first noted it in August 2016 and saw demolition on the site in October 2017.

According to the building permits, the new building will be 4 stories plus a penthouse and a cellar with 16 apartments and a ground floor of commercial space. Below is the current state of the building. It is located just a few doors down from Colony Club.

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2 Comments on “3110-3112 Georgia Avenue Finally Taking Shape”

  1. george Says:

    a great development and a cool location (wish I could live next door to Colony Club); looks like it’s much better constructed than the one next to Timber, or that monstrosity at Sherman and Park.

  2. FriendsofBruceMonroe Says:

    They have been cranking pretty hard on it for a long time. Unlike so many BS projects that happen in our area, they actually did proper underpinning of the adjacent properties. That work must be done by hand- one wrong move with an excavator and you risk knocking down other buildings. This is what it looks like when REASONABLE development occurs with consideration to the neighbors.

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