… And We’re Back

Those who regularly checked in on this blog surely noticed that I stopped posting on a daily basis in June. With this post I intend to restart a more frequent posting schedule. The break was due in large part to busy schedule leading up to the June Democratic Primary, in which I was a candidate for the Ward 1 seat for the Council of the District of Columbia. I thank everyone for your patience and understanding for the break on this blog. In all honesty, I could have taken a different approach and blogged about the election, campaign experiences, and issues from my perspective. However, that was not the purpose that I had set this blog up to do and it just didn’t feel right to me to go there.

The above stated, I also think this is a good time to seek feedback on what people would like to see as the focus of this blog and if there are neighbors who are interested in writing for it. I do think this is an opportunity to broaden the topics to issues that are city-wide and not just the northeast corner of Ward 1 and surrounding areas. There are a lot of things that are afoot from transportation, to the Comprehensive Plan update, to health care, and of course the November elections to name a few.

So have at it, share your thoughts and ideas below for how this site can continue being a good resource for the community.

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6 Comments on “… And We’re Back”

  1. José Vicarz Says:

    I was sad about the split result in the overall election, but the grace you showed in losing, combined with your unifying words to move past the primary, make me very hopeful I get to vote for you, again, in the near future. Everyone in the community should know about the efforts you have put forth for over a decade (decades?) at the ANC and in our neighborhood.

    I’m also happy to see the blog active again.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Great to have the blog back, though I can understand your dropping it during campaign. You were my chosen candidate.
    I am interested in weekly updates on the Bruce Monroe project. Its impact on Park View will forever overcrowd the area, overtaxing the 70/79 busses, Irving, Sherman and Georgia. I am stunned by the bumper-to-bumper traffic inching along on Sherman. Will Park Morton remain as is until there are apartments ready for those tenants at Bruce Monroe? Or will phased construction of Park Morton begin soon since I see boarded up buildings there?
    Thanks for your interest.

  3. Mark Says:

    It’s good to have you back. Just keep on doing what you have been doing with this blog. It is a great resource for the community.

  4. george Says:

    yay welcome back

  5. Not Nadeau Says:

    Run independent!

  6. TS Says:

    Welcome back. I wish you had won! I care the most about economIc development, development in general, new restauransts/retail and crime in CoHi.

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