Gun Violence Continues in Park View

UPDATE: See Commander Emerman’s response below

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, last night (December 26), at approximately 8:45, PM two juvenile males were near the corner of Otis Place and Warder Street when two suspects approached them and began shooting at them. Both victims sustained injuries to their lower extremities, but they do not appear to be life threatening.  The following was also shared on Twitter:


MPD also shared through their listserv that “Fourth District members are working a confirmed Robbery Hold Up Gun located in the 600 b/o Princeton Place N.W. The lookout is for two black males. The first subject is wearing a dark coat and black beanie, armed with a handgun. The second make is wearing a dark coat and has dreadlock hair style.”

It is currently unknown if there is any relationship between the Otis Place and Princeton Place events last night.

Last night’s shooting marks the fourth shooting event in the Park View community during the past week.

The recent shootings in the neighborhood since December 20th are:

While these events are in one neighborhood, they are in two police districts. I’ve reached out to both police districts to learn more about the events and what actions are being taken to ensure the public safety of the community.

Anyone with information on any of these events can contact 202-727-9099 to assist.

UPDATE 10:22 am: Response from 3D Commander Emerman:

Good morning Commissioner Boese and thank you for your email.  While the city has been experiencing great reductions in violent crime this year, the incidents last night and those over the past week have been concerning to us as well.  I have been in communication with Commander Manlapaz and his team in the 4th District as we address these recent incidents.  At this time, we do not have any indication that these are related crimes.  Some of the instances are being reported to us as robbery attempts, while others have been unknown motives.  Our detectives continue to investigate all of these incidents.  I would also like to note that no shooting took place at the 3210 Warder location that you listed below.  During the calls that came in last night regarding the shooting at Otis and Warder, that location was given by someone who heard the gunshots.  That area was canvassed and no victims or evidence were found.

In the meantime, we have increased our presence with patrol officers, along with members of our Crime Suppression Teams (CST).  Just this past weekend our 3D CST made an arrest and recovered a handgun from a subject in the 3400 block of Georgia Avenue NW.  Our intelligence unit is continuing to work to determine if there is any explanation for the recent instances, and we are working with our partners in CSOSA and other agencies to see if any offenders with violent felony histories have been recently released into the community.  We will continue to work to investigate these incidents and target the illegal guns on the streets.

You can help us to spread the word as we continue to encourage the community to take part in the Mayor’s camera rebate program.  Information can be found at  In addition, it is imperative that anyone that observes criminal or suspicious behavior in the community call 911 so that we can send a unit out to investigate as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your continued support of public safety in the community.  Please let me or Commander Manlapaz know if you have any additional questions or concerns.  Thanks again and be safe.

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5 Comments on “Gun Violence Continues in Park View”

  1. Marcus Says:


    When you witness a crime, Look At The Shoes of the perpetrators.

    Jackets, coats and shirts look similar and are easily changed or discarded.
    Pants, hairstyles, complexion are very similar.
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  2. Katey Says:

    At appears that we should add another Park View shooting from tonight, on Warner and Park, from the alert I received. (Would be happy to hear if it was a false alarm). Also worth noting there were patrol cars in the neighborhood within a few blocks of this location on Warder about an hour before. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. cliff Says:

    Im really tired of hearing from MPD how crime is down in the city. Yes, you bulldoze 20 square blocks of southeast DC and crime goes down. But you look at individual focused areas, such as a Parkview Rec Center, Georgia Avenue etc. And crime is the same or worse.

  4. Terry Says:

    I’m so GD sick of hearing how crime stats are dropping. Give me a break. If shots are fired yet no one is hit, no property damage and no evidenxe of shell casings; how is that classified? The stats are bullsh*t. I swear they’re being manipulated.

  5. Syd Says:

    How many more shooting have happened since you posted this story? You say you want to be our councilmember, but what are you doing about crime? The ANC has been useless. One was near my son’s daycare. Your priorities don’t seem to include getting tough on crime — posting on a blog does nothing to keep our families safe!

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