Checking out Progress at 3110-3112 Georgia Avenue

Over a year ago I was alerted that the one-story commercial buildings at 3110-3112 Georgia Avenue had a building permit issued on 5/12/2016 to remove the existing one story structures for new construction. The permits state that the existing party walls are not to be disturbed and includes excavation for a new cellar and construction of a five-story mixed use building. While development of this property hasn’t been moving swiftly, it has been moving. It is located a few doors south of Colony Club and below are photos of its current state.

(3110-3112 Georgia avenue as of October 22, 2017 from front (above) and rear (below))

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3 Comments on “Checking out Progress at 3110-3112 Georgia Avenue”

  1. TF Says:

    Why has it been this slow? If its DCRA, something absolutely must be done. The permitting process is very, very slow and confusing. When it comes to enforcement, like MPD, DCRA relies on citizens to do their work. The vacant property database is a start, but what are next steps? What are they doing about these vacant properties?

  2. curious Says:

    looking forward to a great new development, along with hopefully many others.

  3. […] been slow going, but it finally appears to be taking shape I first noted it in August 2016 and saw demolition on the site in October […]

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