Signs of Progress at 3619 Georgia Avenue

Last night I noticed that the buildings at 3619 Georgia Avenue appear to be in the process of coming down. The project approved for the site has been in the works since 2014. It is encouraging to see progress at Georgia and Princeton after all this time. However, the site was originally built as a gas station so I’m curious to see if any underground tanks still exist on the site.

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4 Comments on “Signs of Progress at 3619 Georgia Avenue”

  1. K Says:

    So if there are tanks will we expect to see ANC support of 3+ PUD extensions?

  2. mbk Says:

    Im happy to see progress too but at this point they should already know if there are underground storage tanks on site. This is a small project and it shouldnt take them three years to break ground.

  3. curious Says:

    great news; annoying that it took so long to get started

  4. Ben Says:

    If I read the public records right, the original owners defaulted/foreclosed on the property and the new owners just (as in Monday) seemed to have secured financing for the project.

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