New Mural Coming to Senior Wellness Center

A new mural is in the planning stages for the Ward 1 Bernice Elizabeth Fontenau Senior Wellness Center on Georgia Avenue. It is in response to Ward 1 seniors who wanted a mural on their building, and made possible by a Public Art Building Communities Grant from the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities. I’m delighted that the chosen artist is Jay Coleman — a talented artist who is helping to make the District of Columbia a more beautiful and inclusive city through the arts. Among the other projects he is involved in is the Howard Theater Walk of Fame.

Below is a rough sketch of his proposal for the Senior Wellness Center. The design may yet change as he continues the process of working with the seniors.

(Preliminary design of mural for the Ward 1 senior wellness center by artist Jay Coleman.0

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2 Comments on “New Mural Coming to Senior Wellness Center”

  1. José Vicar Says:

    He spoke at the ANC1A’s meeting last night, presenting this design, showing others, noting how he’s changed his design based on input from various community sources, and telling a bit about his personal and mural-painting history in DC. He impressed me (and it seemed everyone) and the mural sounds like it will be be a great benefit to the community.

    • Chris Says:

      Way to cheapen up a new building! Murals are a great way to spruce up and provide art in places that are neglected, but on new buildings they are flat out inappropriate.

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