Checking Out Pedestrian Safety in the Neighborhood

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran an article that included a map showing the worst D.C. intersections for pedestrians. I found it interesting, particularly when looking at the intersections in our area. A glance at the map quickly shows that the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Park Road is a location with a high incident rate. In fact, in looking at the entire map, two of the worst intersections for pedestrians are located in Ward 1. In addition to the intersection of Georgia and Park Rd (ranked #8) is the intersection of 14th and U Street (ranked #4)

(Click on map for citywide interactive version).

One thing that is really useful in the map is how each intersection with a dot shows the related statistical data. So going back to the Georgia and Park Rd example, you can click on the dot and see the injuries, crashes, fatalities, and overall danger index.

(Detail from pedestrian safety map showing statistics for intersection of Georgia and Park Rd, NW)

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4 Comments on “Checking Out Pedestrian Safety in the Neighborhood”

  1. K Says:

    Strange staggered intersection combined with drugged out zombies who stumble back and forth all day from their posts on the 3400 block equals high incident rate

  2. Chancelor Says:

    How is this accurate? I can verify several pedestrian incidents at 14th and Randolph as well as Kansas Ave & Quincy. No records? MPD does everything they can to not file reports/paperwork. Crime or otherwise.

  3. Joanne Says:

    Hey K, how about saving your cynicism for somewhere else? I walk through Georgia and Park numerous times each day, (never high, imagine that!) and the misaligned street, gas station, red light runners all make for a dangerous mix for peds.

    • K Says:


      I said the “strange staggered intersection combined with…” I have personally witnessed a couple of accidents (numerous more near accidents) related to wanderers across GA at that very intersection, many of them tweaked out of their minds.

      Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. The intersection alignment is part of the problem but the drug use and trade on that block definitely adds to the problem!

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