Another Neighborhood Alley Getting Rebuilt

Another local alley is in the process of getting rebuilt. This time, the alley is on the block surrounded by Princeton, Park Place, Otis, and Warder. I’ve been asked by a few neighbors as to why this alley is being constructed strictly of concrete. The short answer is that DDOT has a policy of replacing alleys in kind — meaning that if the alley was originally constructed as a brick alley, the new alley will be brick. If the alley was originally a concrete alley, then the new alley will be concrete.

While alleys in Park View were replaced in both the Fenty and Gray administrations, the reconstruction/replacement rate has increased significantly due to Mayor Bowser’s focus on the issue.

Below are two photos of the work in progress.



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2 Comments on “Another Neighborhood Alley Getting Rebuilt”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    The alley between Kenyon and Irving was brick then replaced with concrete only. I was disappointed. Besides being the alley of my garage, it is wide and high-profile with all rowhouses abutting, no modern apts.

  2. Gentrify-U Says:

    Make it gold if you want. Before you know it, it will be infested with used mattresses and feral cats

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