What Was Your Experience During the Women’s March This Weekend?

womens-march-metro(One of the many Green Line trains packed taking people to Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington)

The Women’s March on Washington has come and gone, and I doubt anyone in Washington wasn’t involved or impacted in some way. Whether you were packed like a sardine on Metro (an experience I personally shared) — where ridership exceeded Metro’s capacity, with trains sitting in tunnels waiting for trains to unload and platforms to clear further down the line — or walked down to participate, or even hosted family and friends from out of town (I had the pleasure of hosting family from Ohio),  it seemed like everyone was involved and helped make the day the tremendous success it turned out to be. It certainly exceeded my expectations.

What was your experience? What moment did you feel was the most significant/moving moment of the day for you? Equally important, what impact do you think the march with have in the long-term?

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4 Comments on “What Was Your Experience During the Women’s March This Weekend?”

  1. Derek Says:

    My first indication that the March was going to be packed, was walking my dog in Parkview at 8:15 on Saturday morning. Usually the neighborhood is pretty empty that early on a Saturday, but this week I passed 4 or 5 groups of folks who were clearly going to the march already making their way to the Metro.

    My group – the friends and family from out of town – didn’t leave the house for another 2 hours, but still had a great time.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Yes – exceeded expectations. But sadly, I don’t think it wall change things; posters saying “My mother protested this ____ so I wouldn’t have to” were sobering.

  3. Joanne Says:

    The best I’ve felt in months. I loved that the march encompassed a variety of issues and it was inspiring to see all of the time and effort people put in to get here. DC folk could start by calling Chaffetz office for everything, as he seems to think he’s our representative.

  4. WarderSt Says:

    We had an amazing experience! I brought my young daughter and went down at noon. (She wouldn’t have made it through the whole thing) The metro was busy but not packed. It was crazy, crazy downtown though! Everyone was so polite, helpful, and energized. Metro was packed coming home and we had to wait a few cars to find a spot, but that was okay. Also, we went to Heat Da Spot ,as usual, that morning and it was packed with people going downtown, which was great to see.

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