Nuisance Property at 805 Rock Creek Church Road is Evicted

I’m happy to report that the nuisance property located at 805 Rock Creek Church Road was evicted yesterday. This property has long-been a know problem due to its use as a drug marketplace. Back in March MPD executed a search warrant at the place which resulted in MPD seizing multiple quantities of controlled substances as well as a loaded firearm.  Three adult males were also arrested inside of the location. In September a judge finally granted an eviction for those using the property, and that was carried out yesterday.


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4 Comments on “Nuisance Property at 805 Rock Creek Church Road is Evicted”

  1. rider Says:

    Who is going to clean all this mess? Now with all the rain, it’s going to be gross(er).

    Also what happens to the property now that it’s finally empty?

    • mmm Says:

      there was a garbage truck there this morning cleaning things up.

    • I have the same question as “Rider”, now that i’ts empty, what happens next?

      Also, noticed the garbage truck picked up all the big items, but the sidewalk is still littered with smaller trash. Will the city come back through and clean that up too?

  2. steve Says:

    Clearly all that stuff belonged to a human which it marked home to. It makes me sad to see it scattered and trashed.

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