Overview of Details on Park Morton Redevelopment Effort

bm-1The Park Morton Steering Committee held a public meeting on November 17th to provide an overview of the many details related to the Park Morton redevelopment project and answer questions from the community. This was particularly timely as the D.C. Council will hold their surplus and disposition hearing for the former Bruce Monroe school site on November 29th and the Zoning Commission will hold the related zoning cases on December 5th and 8th.

As planned, the project will replace 147 public housing units in addition to creating 155 workforce housing units and 160 market rate units. More broadly speaking, the redevelopment of Park Morton will have a tremendous positive impact on Ward 1’s Georgia Avenue community, both in the short- and long-term. The development plans for the build first site alone estimate that there will be 448 construction jobs at that site in addition to creating 8 permanent jobs. 51% of the new hires to fill the construction jobs will also be required to be District residents.

In addition to the fact sheet below, you can see a copy of the PowerPoint presentation shared on November 17th here.


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9 Comments on “Overview of Details on Park Morton Redevelopment Effort”

  1. Ian Says:

    Kent, I am disappointed to learn of your support of this project. The destruction of Bruce Monroe park is a major loss for the community.

    • Ng Says:

      I pass by the park every day and rarely see more than 4-5 people enjoying it at a time, even on sunny weekend days. Many days it’s completely empty. I too am opposed to removing community assets but this just doesn’t seem to truly be one. Instead we will get quality housing for many, many of our neighbors and a smaller but hopefully better designed park that we can all use. I think we should put our energy into making that a reality.

  2. José Says:

    My wife and I support the project. The integration of a diverse group of citizens and the amenities that will come with it will be great for the community. Even more important, the residents of Park Morton need better housing… not now, but yesterday. Between the locations at Bruce Monroe and at the current site to be redeveloped, there will be enough quality park space to go around.

  3. jcm Says:

    Too bad no one from the Bruce Monroe neighborhood got to be on the steering committee. Maybe then the plan would be good for everyone, instead of just those who live in or near Park Morton.

    It’s embarrassing the way the ANC has abandoned their duties to support this thing.

  4. Ian Says:

    Anyone who lives in the area knows that if you walk from Brunce Monroe Park to Park Morton you’ll pass several vacant lots. If you want to build, why not do it there?

    • Keith Dokho Says:

      I tend to agree that this was a missed opportunity to revitalize part of Georgia Ave. I imagine this section of BM park was a low hanging fruit for the city to snatched up versus negotiating for separate parcels of land. Given their ineptness for almost a decade up to this point, I am not surprised they opted for this route. Otherwise, the clowns running this show wouldn’t get anything accomplished for at least another 10 years. Having said that I am surprised how (seemingly) easily the ANC went with this scenario.

  5. Yk Says:

    Thanks for sharing. What are workforce housing units?

    • My understanding is that they are units that are rent-controlled to ensure affordable housing available for families with incomes in certain ranges (below 80% of median, below 50%, below 120%). Requiring big new developments to set aside some share of units for these workforce-housing targets is common. How big the share is, and what group it addresses, is different every time though.

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    Overview of Details on Park Morton Redevelopment Effort | Park View, D.C.

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