Boese, Holmes, and Brown Continue as ANC Representatives for Park View

While the national election results were a huge surprise this morning, at the hyper-local level Park View will continue to be represented on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A by Commissioners Kent Boese, Bobby Holmes, and Rashida Brown (full election results here). Because Single Member District 1A11 had no candidate on the ballot, it is too early to know which of the two write-in candidates won.

Below are the results for the Park View area.


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2 Comments on “Boese, Holmes, and Brown Continue as ANC Representatives for Park View”

  1. benlownik Says:

    Hi Kent,

    I’m not sure if you get my email if I hit ‘reply’, but I just want to note that being able to vote for you was a priveledge and a sliver of something to be thankful for in an otherwise difficult night. My girlfriend Molly and I live on the 700 block of Rock Creek Church, and upon moving here have been very proud to be represented by you. While I understand serving on the ANC is often a thankless job. I would like to take this opportunity to pass along our appreciation for all that you do for Park View. It is people like you that help keep our communities places that are welcoming and worth living in.

    Best Wishes,

    • Derek Says:

      I’ll echo that sentiment. I have the privilege of voting for Bobby Holmes. But in my observation the three ANC members from Park View do a good job, and have represented the community well, particularly in light of some of the more contentious recent issues (e.g. Park Morton/Bruce Monroe). Congrats to you, Bobby and Rashida.

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