The Midlands Weeks Away from Opening

Front and center in the Midlands' outdoor garden is a pergola.

Front and center in the Midlands’ outdoor garden is a pergola.

Over the weekend I stopped in at The Midlands to check out their progress. In looking around and talking to one of the owners, it appears that they will be opening in a few weeks (not more than a month). The beer garden has about as much room outside as there is inside. I was very happy to learn food will definitely be available as a part of the menu. The Midlands is located on the southeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Morton Street near Walls of Books and the Post Office.

Inside, there is a wonderful mural on the south wall which you can see in the photos below.

Midlands mural

Midlands mural

Bees and honey appear to be a theme at the Midlands. Not only to they feature prominently in the mural above, they show up elsewhere like the honeycomb inspired design on the north wall and in the metal cut out below.




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