Greater Greater Washington Provides Opportunity to Learn About ANC Candidates and Assist Them in Their Endorsement Process

anc-mapFor those that don’t read Greater Greater Washington (GGW) on a regular basis, you may have missed a post last week on the upcoming elections for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANCs). In short, GGW reached out to candidates for the ANCs, asked them to participate in a questionnaire, and is not asking for those familiar with the candidates to read those responses and provide feedback to GGW to assist them in making endorsements. I think it is worth noting as races for the ANCs are often overlooked with little information published about the candidates running for the office (read full post here).

Here’s how it works according to GGW:

  1. Find your ward and ANC if you don’t know them yet here.
  2. Open up the responses for your ward:
    Ward 1 · Ward 2 · Ward 3 · Ward 4 · Ward 5 · Ward 6 · Ward 7 · Ward 8
  3. Read the responses for a candidate and give your feedback on this form.
  4. Repeat for as many other candidates as you want to do. Try other ANCs, other wards—all input is helpful!

While not every candidate participated, and not every race is contested, I agree that it is important to have good people on our ANCs for them to run efficiently and make decisions that are in the best interest of the community. With this in mind, I would encourage people to read the responses of the candidates who did participate, and send in feedback on those that you feel will work hard for the community.

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One Comment on “Greater Greater Washington Provides Opportunity to Learn About ANC Candidates and Assist Them in Their Endorsement Process”

  1. Cesar Gordillo Says:

    I think one of the biggest controversy in our neighborhood is the access to the Soldiers’ Home Park. Although it looks like the park won’t be reopen, people should at least enjoy the park from outside the fence. It would be great if we can work with DDOT on continuing the sidewalk next to the park on Park Place from Rock Creek Church all the way to Kenyon St. We will lose a car lane where there’s no much traffic and gain recreational view for all the residents.

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