Wells Fargo ATM Finally Open at Georgia Avenue Metro

IMG_1406[1](Wells Fargo ATM at the Park Place building on Georgia Avenue)

Its been a long time coming, but the Wells Fargo ATM above the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station (west side) appears to finally be operational. Back in 2011 I noted just how underserved the community was with banking services — especially compared to other areas around Metro stations such as U Street or Columbia Heights. While it isn’t a full banking facility, just having the ATM is a significant service improvement for the area.

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6 Comments on “Wells Fargo ATM Finally Open at Georgia Avenue Metro”

  1. mbk Says:

    that entire storefront is just for an ATM? Its not even a full bank. I think is a terrible waste of space. we need more retail.

    • JM Says:

      Seriously! We already have ATM’s around the neighborhood.
      It’s beyond me why our ANC reps and City Council member don’t put some pressure on the Park Place owners to lease their space.

    • K Says:

      Wow, they used that entire storefront for an ATM! As it is an improvement from an empty storefront of 5+ years it amazes me that this is the best they could do directly above the Metro.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Park Place is a DISASTER. Crime, vacant store fronts etc. Why this prime retail space is vacant is beyond me. I hope the owner is being taxed the vacant property tax rate.

    • K Says:

      I believe the original sweetheart deal allowed them tax-exempt status for a significant period of time which could explain the lack of motivation.

  3. wtf Says:

    Like any sane person would ever use an ATM near this metro stop.

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