Bicyclist Struck on Warder/7th Street Last Night

Last night, a woman riding a bicycle was the victim of a hit and run at the intersection of Rock Creek Road and 7th/Warder Street which occurred around 5:30 p.m. In speaking with neighbors, I’ve been told that the cyclist was conscious after the accident but seriously injured and left in an ambulance. Neighbors also relayed that the vehicle had Texas plates, and they suspect may have been stolen as the driver fled the scene on foot after the collision. Police had the area blocked off and were redirecting traffic for a time following the accident.

The Washington Post also provided some details of the event, which can be read here.


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4 Comments on “Bicyclist Struck on Warder/7th Street Last Night”

  1. L Says:

    That’s aweful. I wish the cyclist a speedy recovery. We should use this as another example of why we need to install speed humps on Warder and in the whole neighborhood. People speed too much, don’t respect stop signs, and (on another note) turn down one way streets the wrong way. If we can’t get traffic enforcement in the area, we need physical traffic calming measures and push traffic to Georgia or other main roads which are meant for through traffic.

    • Aaron_on_Luray Says:

      Completely agree with this. The amount of through traffic moving through the neighborhood has gotten worse over the last year or so. Physical infrastructure (narrower streets, speed humps, raised crosswalks) work and there are examples of these throughout the city (Ledroit Park has great examples of speed humps and narrow streets). Kent, I know there has been a streets working group that developed recommendations for changes. Has anything been done with this report?

      • Kent Says:

        The UNC has posted the report on their Website and I believe they will be referring to it in their advocacy.

  2. mbk Says:

    Based on the road classification, I am certain that Warder is not eligible for speed humps. But it is a problem roadway. It took years to get a stop sign installed at Warder and Princeton and that’s after I personally witnessed at least 6 car accidents in 4 years. The traffic will only get worse once McmIllan is redeveloped and folks want to avoid Georgia avenue as much as possible while heading north. The traffic study for McMillan did not look at the serious impacts to Warder Street unfortunately. Its time for DDOT to install cube bump outs at every intersection to further slow traffic and possibly more stop signs. Anything to deter use for commuter traffic or speeders would be welcome. There are so many cyclists and young kids in the neighborhood now, we really need to make this road and the intersections much safer.

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