Hope Everyone Enjoyed the Fourth!

3648 Park Place, NW, in the Fourth of July spirit.

3648 Park Place, NW, in the Fourth of July spirit.

While the weather wasn’t a cooperative for the Fourth of July holiday this year, the rain did manage to break in time for fireworks. But leading up to the fireworks, I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and seeing a few houses decorated in red, white, and blue.

In the neighborhhood, it really doesn’ t matter if you can see the fireworks down on the National Mall or not, there are plenty of neighbors shooting fireworks off throughout the area. For a change of pace, I walked down to Michigan Avenue to see what I could see from the McMillan Reservoir. Below are two short videos showing some fireworks over Bloomingdale and Howard University.

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3 Comments on “Hope Everyone Enjoyed the Fourth!”

  1. robrolling Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sahand Says:

    I’m disappointed that the city doesn’t regulate the setting off of fireworks past 10PM. The fact that fireworks were still being shot at 2am is inappropriate, and people were doing them all weekend. The people setting them off seem to have no consideration for the children, pets, elderly, or neighbors trying to get to sleep. Not to mention, these are almost all illegal fireworks bought out of state and too large for alleyways and busy streets. I’d have less an issue with it if people stopped at a reasonable time.

  3. Cliff Says:

    Yeah, its the same thing every year, but what a beautiful house!

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