Impressed by DC Water’s New Online Tool Showing Lead Service Lines

On June 6th, DC Water launched their new interactive map and other online content designed to help property owners identify the material that makes up their water service lines, where that information is available. The map allows customers to enter an address to see the information that DC Water has in its records pertaining to service pipe material, in public space and on private property. Its a pretty cool tool that is worth checking out.  You can read more about DC Water’s efforts related to lead service lines here.

It is important to note that the maps provided by D.C. Water are based on historical data, information directly provided by customers, and in some cases, information acquired during physical inspections.

Lead lines(Click on map to launch tool.)

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9 Comments on “Impressed by DC Water’s New Online Tool Showing Lead Service Lines”

  1. mbk Says:

    Im confused. Does a gray dot indicate its a lead connection? what does a half green/half gray dot mean? the detail section doesn’t actually tell you.

  2. Zachary Paul Levine Says:

    So, then, if we have lead lines, how do we have them replaced if we opt to do so?

    • Vic Says:

      Call DC Water. If the lead pipe is on yous side of the meter, they have a contractor you can hire directly or you can choose your own. I used their contractor for simplicity. If the lead pipe is on their side of the meter – which is usually another way of referring to the main in the street – you can put some pressure on them to change out the lead mains on your street.

  3. PvRes Says:

    How much does a typical replacement cost?

    • Vic Says:

      They changed it so I don;t know. I think it’s a flat fee unless they dig and don’t find any lead pipes. Then it’s free. But if you’re getting detectable lead levels in water tests, there is lead somewhere in the pipes or fixtures.

  4. Ed Dixon Says:

    Lot of grey round the school and rec center

    • Vic Says:

      Excellent point. Does anyone know if those areas have been tested? The homes across the street in both places, which may share the same water main, appear to be lead even though the data attached to the school says the main is non-lead. The data for the community center is worth exploring too. The two connections to the main indicate the pipe material is not known but some of the data for the homes across the street indicate they are fed by lead pipes.

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