Kalorama Park Officially Reopened

Kalorama Park on Columbia Road officially reopened on Saturday, June 4th, after months of work that included redoing the plaza and upgrading the playground equipment. A day of activities included opening remarks by Mayor Bowser (see Tweet below).

To provide an idea of how large this project was, below are the budget details from the DGS Website:

  • Anti-Erosion and soil remediation: $450,000 (Complete)
  • Plaza and Landscaping Improvements: $500,000 (May 2016)
  • Playground: $800,000 (May 2016)

I was particularly interested to take a look at the grounds as I still believe the Park View Recreation Center isn’t currently where we need it to be. While they have some things in common (both include playground equipment, both are historic sites, both have recreation buildings), they are also very different. Kalorama Park is a 3-acre triangular lot that is twice as large as Park View. Also, much of Kalorama Park is just that, a park.

All-in-all, Kalorama Park looked good. As I posted when I provided an overview of the project last year, the scope of work included the following:

  • Site-work
  • Tree Protection and Remediation
  • Storm-water Management Improvement
  • Landscaping Improvement
  • Hardscaping Improvement

Storm water runoff and erosion were particularly important. I noted as I walked up the sidewalk from 19th Street that the sidewalks now incorporate a drainage system to prevent the water runoff that formerly used the sidewalks there. The video below provide an idea of the runoff issues that needed to be addressed.

I’ll have to visit it again soon when I have a little more time. Below are a few photo from my visit.




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