Checking Out the Progress at Morton Street Mews and the old Pittman Church

The Morton Street Mews project at the northeast corner of Morton Street and Sherman Avenue appears to be in the final stages of the development, with most of the construction centered on the old church structure designed by William Sidney Pittman. Overall, I’ve been impressed by this project and liked what I saw when I visited the Sherman Avenue flats in January. While the original church structure structure is getting some new architectural embellishments and an  addition at the rear, I’m grateful that the developer was able to keep it and incorporate it into the final plan.

IMG_0607[1](The church in the foreground was designed by African American architect William Sidney Pittman in 1905.)

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5 Comments on “Checking Out the Progress at Morton Street Mews and the old Pittman Church”

  1. Pworth Says:

    Not to change the subject (but I will!)… what’s the deal with Reliable Tavern on Georgia Ave? Joe Englert was supposed to open a new tavern there last year, but it looks like construction stalled out some months ago. Now it’s an eyesore with plywood because the (brand new) windows were vandalized.

    • Gentrify-u Says:

      “Rolls eyes”

    • Cliff Says:

      …to add to the bad development news, the Warrenton Group has removed all reference to the redevelopment on the corner of Georgia Ave and Princeton Place NW from their website and their demolition permit will be expiring in a month. I emailed them several times in the last 2 weeks, and Warren Williams who has always been responsive to me (because he grew up in my house) has not replied.

      • K Says:

        Add that to the Zuckerman Partners inability (or unwillingness) to move forward a single development on any of their properties along GA. Sure pop ups and temporary businesses help but it seems to serve as just a placeholder for a developer who seems disinterested in moving the community forward

  2. K Says:

    I’ve been pleased with the Morton Street Mews. I’ve watched Opal do a proper job building these units with QUALITY construction (unlike a few popups nearby). It shouldn’t be such a anomaly but it is with developers these days.

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