Petworth Liquors Closed

Sign posted outside of Petworth Liquor.

Sign posted outside of Petworth Liquor.

Petworth Liquors, located at 3210 Georgia Avenue, has closed. I’ve heard through the grape vine that their lease was not renewed. When their liquor license was up for renewal in 2015 there were many who shared a less than favorable opinion about the business.

When the business attempted to transfer their license and store across Georgia Avenue in 2013 to the east side of the street, there was significant opposition to that effort, leading the business owner to withdraw their application and stay at 3210 Georgia instead.

It is unknown if Petworth Liquors will operate out of Suitland (per sign above) of look for another location on Georgia Avenue. If they move, it wouldn’t be the first time, as the business was located on the northwest corner of Georgia Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road prior to being displaced by Metro Construction as shown in the 1993 photograph below.

Petworth Liquors 1993(Detail of 1993 image from the Library of Congress showing Petworth Liquors to the north of Engine Co. 24.)

Petworth Liquors as it appears today (below).


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11 Comments on “Petworth Liquors Closed”

  1. mbk Says:

    This is good news. I live further up but I have heard nothing but complaints from folks about this site. Hopefully some new development will move forward.

  2. ParkviewNeighbor Says:

    It’s already a much better experience on the block.

    • K Says:

      Unfortunately that is not the case a few blocks up where all the ‘regulars’ have moved

      • ParkViewNeighbor Says:

        Bummer, I didn’t know that. Where do they all live?

      • K Says:

        I’ve witnessed a few folks that I see loitering and drinking daily get off the 70 bus in the morning. A couple of the other cars that park and hang out in the 3300 and 3400 blocks have Maryland plates.

        Unfortunately it seems these few blocks are “desirable” to drink and sell drugs given the numerous vacant properties, bus stops, and beer stores in the immediate vicinity.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Is public drunkeness legal in DC or do the police simply not want to do the required paperwork to arrest someone? I’ve seen people whacked out on drugs and so drunk they are stumbling into Georgia Ave, yet the cops do nothing. It’s not be a shooting or a robbery (although we do have enough of those!), but it’s a quality of life issue. Why can’t they do something? Or at least pass along to social services.

  3. ParkViewandProud Says:

    Kent, I share other commenters’ concern that the problems long associated with Petworth Liquors may just shift up to Giant Liquors. How can we monitor this to make sure that the gains further down Georgia Ave (which I’m very happy about!) don’t become the losses of those a few blocks north? It is especially concerning given the school just a block north of the liquor store. Is there anything that we can do now to help strengthen our case, should we need to make one, against another bad neighborhood business owner?

  4. K Says:

    It appears that District Dogs is opening a doggy daycare at the old Petworth Liquors. Definitely a net gain by the community!

    • K Says:

      Though it is more and more apparent that the Zuckerman Partners are committed to not developing a single property they own on GA but rather leasing the existing buildings.

      The the land squatting theory is holding some water, especially now they’ve decided to bring in another ‘pop up’ client to Murry’s.

  5. […] in May we learned that Petworth Liquors closed its doors at 3210 Georgia Avenue, NW. I’m happy to share that it will be replace by District […]

  6. […] in May we learned that Petworth Liquors closed its doors at 3210 Georgia Avenue, NW. I’m happy to share that it will be replace by District […]

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