DDOT Crosstown Multimodal Workshop #2 Materials Now Available

Following up on last week’s post on DDOT’s Crosstown Multimodal Study Workshop#2,  the materials and presentation boards from the workshop have been posted on the Study’s Website and are available here. I’m also posting the three concepts below to provide a better idea of what DDOT is currently thinking.

I’d like to know what you think about these ideas? While each of them are proposed as a single concept, it is likely that the parts are mix-and-match between the concept boards. It is also highly likely that all of these ideas will be developed further by the June 9th Workshop #3.

Concept #1

PW2 Concept 1

Concept #2

PW2 Concept 2

Concept #3

PW2 Concept 3

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6 Comments on “DDOT Crosstown Multimodal Workshop #2 Materials Now Available”

  1. JJ Says:

    I’m not sure how they do it in other cities, but parking in my neighbors front yards is going to piss a bunch of people off and get me a few tickets. See Cross Sections element A on any concept document.

  2. Curious George Says:

    why in the world mess with the north cap and irving st. interchange? It works fine. It ain’t broke so dont spend $$$$$$ to fix it. This looks like change for change’s sake and it shouldn’t go forward. I wonder if this is quietly supported by the alleged AFRH developers.

    • Barry Says:

      The reason they may want to change that section is because bicyclists find it very unsafe on Irving. And in all cases the overpass still exists, it would just be a light for getting on and off north cap. Although I don’t know why the would want to change it if the bike lanes are on Michigan. There had been some talk that maybe some development could go in at the corners there where the on/off ramps are now

  3. J Says:

    Was there any indication about what would happen to the land on which roads would be removed? Would there be any development there, or would the former roads be turned into green spaces?

  4. davidalexanderstewart Says:

    Does anyone know what “high capacity transit in dedicated space” means? or “high capacity transit in shared space”? This is under the legend portion of the map and is represented by solid or dotted blue lines. What will these translate to on the road?

    Thank you.

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