Second Park View Clean Up Makes an Impact

Despite uncooperative weather, the second Park View clean up organized by Georgia Avenue Thrive had another strong effort from a sizable group of volunteers. Annie’s Ace Hardware also kindly donated supplies and Colony Club supplied free coffee for volunteers. The rain on Saturday postponed the clean up to Sunday, which was much colder with strong winds.

The next clean up is scheduled for May 7. Georgia Avenue Thrive plans on focusing on the northern end of the neighborhood in May.

Below are a few photos from Sunday.




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8 Comments on “Second Park View Clean Up Makes an Impact”

  1. K Says:

    Great job! Thank you to GA Thrive, volunteers, and donating businesses!

  2. Curious George Says:

    Terrific! Thanks to all the volunteers, your hard work is appreciated!! We all need to pull together to improve Park View and Petworth.

  3. Kendall Jane Says:

    This is fantastic. Wonderful that people came out even in the bitter cold.

  4. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Honestly, I find it tragic that there is this much garbage strewn on our showcase thoroughfare. When I come back to visit 10 years from now, will it finally be clean? Will people have stopped this awful trashing?

    • K Says:

      I do find it disturbing that the clean up crew seemingly has to use shovels because I’m assuming the volume is so dense. None-the-less great job volunteers!

      On a related note, can someone please advise on how we can stop people (same weekly offenders!) from dumping their household trash bags in the bins blocking the opening? Who do we report this to?

      • C Says:

        I think you can report illegal dumping through the 311 app, FWIW. I think the best plan would be for the trash cans to be replaced with the ones with a top cover, like the one at the corner of Sherman and Park Rd., so you can actually put a big trash bag in it.

    • Gentrify-u Says:

      You must be new here

  5. C Says:

    Great job Georgia Ave. Thrive and all the volunteers! Also, The PV UNC will be holding a cleanup and beautification event on Saturday April 23rd from 10- 1. We’ll be doing plantings and weeding at the Rec Center and fanning out across the northern section of the neighborhood to pick up trash. The flyer will be sent around soon.

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