Additional Funds Dedicated to Modernize Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School Cafeteria

Yesterday, the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School Improvement Team (SIT) was informed that Mayor Bowser had released the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for Fiscal Years 2017-2022 and that there has been a recommended change to the project budget for the school. Currently, the school has $5.7M to put towards renovating the cafeteria, but the estimates to do so exceed that amount. In the CIP, the budget has increased by $5.5M in FY17 with the goal of modernizing and expanding the kitchen and cafeteria. More details will be forthcoming at the April SIT meeting, but this is definitely good news.

NRHP Park View School(The Bruce-Monroe at Park View School now has funding for its cafeteria modernization project.)

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2 Comments on “Additional Funds Dedicated to Modernize Bruce-Monroe @ Park View School Cafeteria”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I’m all for funding renovation of the cafeteria IF meals will be prepared there. Is B-M@Parkview different from other schools who all have their food prepared off-site by that contractor that has been unsatisfactory?

  2. Gentrify-u Says:

    Turn it into luxury condos

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