ANC1A’s Bruce Monroe Long-term Use Survey Report Released

ANC1A’s Bruce Monroe long-term use survey report was officially accepted at their March 9, 2016, public meeting. A total of 814 community members participated in the survey. The survey report along with supporting documentation is publicly available on the ANC1A Web site at While the survey was not without its limitations, there are a couple of generalizations that should help guide future discussions about the long-term use of the site.

Three themes that emerged were:

  • Those taking the survey value greenspace (it is important to note that there was no distinction in the survey as to the type of greenspace — i.e. park, recreation center, community garden, or farmers market);
  • Many of those taking the survey were supportive of a site that combined a park with some other use — provided they also agreed with the other type of use; and,
  • There was little support among participants in fully developing the entire site.

The chart below best sums this up.

Bruce Monroe site survey(Chart from ANC1A Bruce Monroe Site Community Survey Report)

When participants were allowed to select multiple categories with no limit on choices, again there were strong preferences for public uses, greenspace, and a mix of park and public uses. As with the chart above, the only use that participants were strongly opposed to were commercial/residential development when park space wasn’t present. The chart below illustrates these choices.

General Preferences Bruce Monroe Survey(Chart from ANC1A Bruce Monroe Site Community Survey Report)

As noted above, the survey was not without its limitations. The most notable challenge was that the “demographics of the survey respondents were dramatically different from the demographics of the target area (based on 2010 census data). Some 68.8 percent of the survey respondents were White/Caucasian and 21 percent of the respondents were Black/African American. Compare this to their representation in the population of the target area – 20.6 percent and 63.43 percent, respectively.”

None-the-less, the survey does provide some helpful insight into the communities’ desired uses for the site which should be helpful as ANC 1A considers the future of the site.

The full survey report is available here.

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One Comment on “ANC1A’s Bruce Monroe Long-term Use Survey Report Released”

  1. jcm Says:

    Thanks for getting this released. I don’t understand why the author is lumping together Park & Public Uses with Park & Commercial/Residential. They’re two very different things. It’s clear from reading the survey that the vast majority of respondents do not favor the current plan, but that first chart doesn’t make that clear at all.

    At any rate, I hope the ANC and council think carefully about these results when deciding whether to support the plan Bowser has proposed.

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