Unfortunate Loss of Mature Trees on Otis Place

810 Otis Place(Stumps are all that remain of two mature trees at 810 Otis Place, NW)

With all the work I am doing to increase the tree canopy in Park View, I was saddened to discover that two large trees in front of 810 Otis Place have been cut down. This is particularly sad as this block of Otis is one of many in the neighborhood where the street is narrow and there are no tree boxes or street trees with the exception of the few by the E.L. Haynes School. Until recently, these two trees provided an incredible amount of shade on this block. They also appeared to be large enough to be classed as special trees so I’m having the Urban Forestry Administration check on that.

The Urban Forest Preservation Act of 2002 requires permits for the removal or replacement of Special Trees (which are over 55 inches in circumference), and establishes a Tree Fund to plant trees and defray costs associated with this act. They also require a Special Tree Removal Permit.

The Google Street View below helps show how large the trees were and how much shade they cast.

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4 Comments on “Unfortunate Loss of Mature Trees on Otis Place”

  1. rider Says:

    This is so sad! Why on earth were they cut down. Shameful.

  2. Shawn Says:

    If they cut them down without a permit, I hope they get all the appropriate fines. What a short-sighted decision..

  3. K Says:

    Thanks for looking into it, will be interested if they received a permit. Maybe there was a legitimate reason (roots, etc…)? If not, I hope they are fined heavily.

  4. AK Says:

    I was so disappointed when I saw these cut down a few weeks back – I almost cried. These trees were beautiful and didn’t appear sickly at all. I would like to know the reasoning.

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