Keeping Up With Park View School Building Improvements

NRHP Park View School(Bruce-Monroe @ Park View Elementary, located on Warder Street.)

As a follow up to my January 21st post where I shared news that the school currently has a budget of roughly $5.7 Million to put towards design and construction for improvements, DCPS now has a Web site devoted to the project that you can find here. The Web site includes minutes and presentation materials from the School Improvement Team (SIT) meetings (a request is required for access). Currently, DCPS is evaluating a cafeteria kitchen expansion project that would increase the dining area for students and cooking space for staff. One of the questions before the team is whether $5.7 Million is enough for that project — although if the current funding is short I doubt it is by much and feel confident that this project will be successful.

The school was built in 1916 to designs by Snowden Ashford. The origin of the school can be traced back to the efforts of the Park View Citizens’ Association and their persistent appeal to Congress for funds to purchase the land and build the school. Ashford designed the school in his preferred style of Collegiate Gothic using red tapestry brick with trimmings of Bedford limestone and was built on some of the highest ground in the City. The interior is notable for the wooden truss that supports the auditorium roof. In 2012 the building received a Phase 1 modernization.

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