DCRA Considers 723 Morton Street Unsafe, Orders It Razed

723 Morton Street(723 Morton Street, NW.)

723 Morton StreetLate last week, DCRA posted notice at 723 Morton Street noting that the structure was unsafe to inhabit and a danger to public safety. The owner of the property has been ordered to raze the building within three calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) or appeal the order.

The property has been a source of concern among neighbors for roughly a decade. The building was constructed as a new eight-unit apartment building without permits for anything beyond a foundation — and does not conform to the R-4 zone within which it is located. It also exceeds its allowable height. Mayor Fenty, during one of his walks through the neighborhood ordered the building razed during his administration, however DCRA at that time decided to work with the property owner to “bring the property into compliance.” For this to happen, the building would have to be converted into a two-unit building.

During the ensuing years, work has progressed on the building off and on, with additional stop work orders and concerns about the structure’s impact on the neighbors. There was also continued concern that the building would not end up as two units, but rather as an 8-unit apartment building without going through the community and zoning process required.

In reading the posted raze notice, a host of issues are listed — among them an inadequate firewall, deficient stairwells and exists, considered to be structurally unsound and at risk of collapse, and seven gas lines & eight mechanical units though only being approved for two units.

The raze notice is below for those interested in reading in detail.

723 Morton Street

723 Morton Street

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5 Comments on “DCRA Considers 723 Morton Street Unsafe, Orders It Razed”

  1. K Says:

    Finally. This house has been unsafe and illegal for just shy of a decade as mentioned above. It is unbelievable that DCRA has let this circus of a property continue to go this long already (bribes and incompetence likely are contributing factors). It is good to see they are finally taking action on years of unpermitted and illegal construction by a developer who has shown zero regard for law or safety.

    Maybe a new era for DCRA?!?

    • K Says:

      …also DCRA’s “bring into compliance” policy should be used for minor issues and be given a limited amount of time to conform, neither of these remotely applied to this property.

  2. Park View Rican Says:

    I hope they start doing that to some of the shoddy pop-ups that have been going up in the neighborhood.

  3. […] In February 2016, DCRA issued a raze order for 723 Morton Street noting that the structure was unsafe to inhabit and a danger to public safety. Shortly thereafter, the owners filed a case with the Office of Administrative Hearings and secured a Temporary Restraining Order from the D.C. Superior Court which forbidding DCRA from razing the structure. […]

  4. […] property at 723 Morton Street continues to be razed. Below are some recent photos showing the […]

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