Litter Cans Filling Up with Household Trash, Residents Informed Trash Collection May Resume by Thursday

IMG_0085(Litter can at Rock Creek Church Road and Ward Street, NW, full of household trash on January 26, 2016.)

The practice of using public litter cans to dispose of household trash has become a serious problem in Park View – and one that has become even more of a problem with the recent blizzard. Residents are requested to refrain from placing household trash in open litter cans and to hold on to trash until service begins later this week and next. In addition of household trash in public litter cans being unsightly and illegal, a major concern is its impact on the public health and its contribution to the neighborhood’s rat problems as food in open containers often provides rats with food.

To assist residents with planning and managing their household trash until regular collections resume, below is the announcement from the Department of Public Works (DPW) issued on the 25th.

DPW Announces Altered Trash Schedule
(WASHINGTON, DC) – Due to last week’s blizzard, DPW will suspend trash collection through Wednesday, January 27th.  DPW will attempt collection on Thursday, January 28 and operate on an altered schedule Thursday through the weekend. Normal trash collection is scheduled to resume on Monday, February 1.
DPW will hire private contractors to augment the work of their crews. 
The full trash collection schedule is as follows:
– Monday: Service resumes next week.
– Tuesday: Service resumes next week (Twice a week routes will be addressed this Thursday or Friday).
– Wednesday: Service resumes next week.
– Thursday: Service attempts will be made. 
– Friday: Service attempts will be made. 
– Saturday & Sunday: Possible service attempts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday routes.
– Monday: Regular service will resume.
For more information, please visit
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4 Comments on “Litter Cans Filling Up with Household Trash, Residents Informed Trash Collection May Resume by Thursday”

  1. TS Says:

    People have no respect or civic duty around here… Between people just throwing trash in the street, in public cans or blocking parking spots with furniture; it’s pretty pathetic.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    It only takes a percentage of “neighbors” to turn our neighborhood into a slummy dump. Too bad enforcement is difficult and not carried out.

  3. Curious George Says:

    Why lead with the wishy washy “Residents are requested to refrain from…”

    How about: Residents are reminded it is ILLEGAL and a fine-able offense to put household trash in streetside litter bins.

    Someone needs to sit and watch these cans for a couple of days and issue fines. I expect it is just a few bad apples who make the streets look so ugly for the rest of us.

    • Marley Says:

      It’s always the same households on my block who put their trash in public cans and they are all single family homes. It’s disgusting.

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