Sidewalk Pavers by Georgia Avenue CVS Getting Repaired Soon

New Hampshire Avenue(Sidewalk along the New Hampshire Avenue side of the Georgia Avenue CVS.)

I’m happy to report that DDOT is planning to repair the sidewalk pavers along New Hampshire Avenue to the southwest of Georgia Avenue. Work may begin as early as next week depending upon the winter weather and snow in the forecast.

I first noticed that the sinking pavers were caused by a rat infestation in January 2015. At that time, the Department of Health began a rat abatement program. By July 2015, I’d alerted DDOT but received no response. This was followed by an exchange with DDOT on January 6th, followed up by an ANC 1A resolution on January 13, 2016, requesting immediate attention. These efforts all helped set the current priority to restore this section of sidewalk.

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3 Comments on “Sidewalk Pavers by Georgia Avenue CVS Getting Repaired Soon”

  1. Curious George Says:

    Great! Those are dangerous.

    Can they also do something about the ridiculous amount of trash always strewn about that stretch of curb? CVS should do a better job of keeping its property clean (although the trash comes from people waiting for the bus who are too lazy to walk 100 feet to throw away their trash in one of the several bins).

  2. […] part of the paver repair and replacement work that will begin next week along New Hampshire Avenue along the CVS, the bus stop will be […]

  3. […] repairs were originally scheduled to begin at the end of January, but were delayed due to the blizzard. In addition to the pavers, […]

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