The Great American Cooking Story Episode 6 Features Area Restaurants

Here’s a documentary that will be of interest to many that features Jeremy Gifford of DC Reynolds here in Park View and Paul Ruppert of the Petworth Citizen. Both talk about their restaurants and their commitment to serving and being a part of the community. The documentary is part of a series by Clara Ritger. You can learn more about Ritger’s work, and see other episodes from the series here.

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3 Comments on “The Great American Cooking Story Episode 6 Features Area Restaurants”

  1. saf Says:

    I have to admit, I found this a bit insulting. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they talk about my neighborhood.

  2. K Says:

    Once again our friend Dan at PoPville posted this video and went on his comment section to claim DCR as part of Petworth then proceeded to block comments that countered his view. Pretty soon he’ll be claiming Midlands and Alfie’s as part of Petworth!

  3. Useful writing ! I was enlightened by the analysis . Does anyone know if I could grab a template ATI Rate Confirmation copy to complete ?

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