Checking Out the Morton Street Mews Development

Morton Street Mews at Sherman Ave. and Morton St.

Morton Street Mews at Sherman Ave. and Morton St.

Over the weekend I finally had an opportunity to check out the finished units of OPaL’s Morton Street Mews project. This project is located on the northeast corner of Sherman Avenue and Morton Street and includes the conversion of a historic William Sidney Pittman church built in 1905.

I’ve been impressed with how the architecture of the new construction enhances the overall character of the neighborhood for a while now … which is what made me particularly interested in seeing how they were configured on the inside. All I can say is WOW. This is the first new build in the community that actually made me question if I should consider moving. They are beautiful inside. I’ll concede that the staging may have had some influence here, but in considering the spaces and how they flowed into each other while also defining separate spaces, I really liked the layouts.

I’ll let you judge for your self. Photos of the interior are after the jump.








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4 Comments on “Checking Out the Morton Street Mews Development”

  1. Curious George Says:

    They really did a great job. Only wish they’d picked a different name. Anything with “Morton” in it gives me the shivers.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    There is something about that name even without its connection to the local mess…my cousins lived in Morton, Illinois and the name was mocked there, too.

  3. Gentrify-u Says:

    Finally some class

  4. […] Sidney Pittman. Overall, I’ve been impressed by this project and liked what I saw when I visited the Sherman Avenue flats in January. While the original church structure structure is getting some new architectural embellishments and […]

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