Checking Out Bioretention Planter Areas with Art

I’ve been giving some thought to bioretention areas again and thought I’d share a few that I thought were successful. Several were added to the Wangari Garden area back in 2014 and I think there is room for a few on Warder in strategic areas. I like that they can include trees (which Warder needs) and, as in the case of the ones constructed downtown at 19th and L, public art. Below are a few photos of the areas around 19th and L, NW, which are in the Golden Triangle BID area.





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One Comment on “Checking Out Bioretention Planter Areas with Art”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Speaking of bioretention ponds, I saw that the one being used as a dog run at Bruce Monroe with the locked gate had the gate destroyed, then repaired. I was at the park and saw a few people and 3 dogs in the enclosure so I asked them how they got in and they pointed to another damaged section of the fencing. The dirt there is quite compacted from continued use. Thanks, considerate dog owners!

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