Checking Out Typecase Industries


Typecase Industries is located at 2122 8th Street, NW.

During the holiday break I had the opportunity to check out Typecase Industries, a full service design and letterpress print shop located at 2122 8th Street, NW, just around the corner from the 9:30 Club. I had seen their work a while ago at the O Street artist studios open house, but only became aware of their first retail location when I saw an article in the Washington Post. As I understand it, they’ve only been on 8th Street for a couple of months.

I like that were starting to see more businesses open in the greater community that compliment the many restaurants and bars that are the usual. I also like that you can choose to buy custom printed coasters, T-shirts, and cards or choose to buy from the choices on hand.

Below are some photos to give an idea of what the shop is like.






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