Ruta Del Vino Applies for Liquor Liscence on Upshur

800-802 Upshur Street(Future site of Ruta Del Vino, 8th and Upshur Street, NW)

800-802 Upshur Street, NW, was recently placarded for a liquor license application for Ruta Del Vino, a new restaurant and wine bar coming to the Petworth community. The eatery will be serving Latin American cuisine, wine, cocktails, and bear. The application includes an entertainment endorsement for flamenco guitar. The total occupancy is 141 with seating for 76 inside and a sidewalk cafe seating 20.

Upshur Street has certainly come into its own and its nice to see it continue to grow. I’m really looking forward to this addition to the strip.

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5 Comments on “Ruta Del Vino Applies for Liquor Liscence on Upshur”

  1. Curious George Says:

    very excited about this new addition to the neighborhood.

  2. Peaches Stevechu Says:

    Serving “bear”?

  3. Gentrify-u Says:

    Where are people going to park?! What about affordable housing?!

  4. Anon Says:

    Can’t wait for this! Riyad Market was not a good neighbor. I wish DC would do more to crack down on these corner stores selling illegal synthetic drugs. Why can’t they do more?

    • Anon Says:

      I should add that these corner stores don’t sell illegal synthetic drugs to the “Average Joe”. They get to know the neighborhood dealer and then sell to him in bulk. The dealer then sells it to the neighborhood. This prevents them from getting hit by a sting operation.

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