Quick Review of Eight Years of Georgia Avenue Development

During the past month during the Park Morton development meetings, one theme I’ve heard is a desire that vacant and blighted property along Georgia Avenue be developed. I thought this would be a good time to review development that has actually been completed in the past 8 years along with noting the development that is in the pipeline. It is easy to forget how much has been accomplished in the past few years when the focus is always on the future. It may also be difficult for those who did not live in the area 8 years ago to fathom that there has been progress on Georgia Avenue, and what we have today is far fewer vacant and blighted parcels than were once in the community.

On the map, I’ve only included development on Georgia Avenue or abutting Georgia Avenue. Each listing has a brief listing of number of housing units, date completed, and pictures of what the property looks like today and what it looked like before construction began. The listings aren’t overly detailed, but overall it is a good benchmark of what has been accomplished between 2007 and 2015.

Red markers are completed project, orange markers are projects in the pipeline.

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6 Comments on “Quick Review of Eight Years of Georgia Avenue Development”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I get that things have improved in eight years, but I also get the sense that it makes people complacent. All because crime is better than back in the day or several parcels have been developed on Georgia, doesn’t mean we should be satisfied. The potential is not even close to being realized and the city needs to do more to help. The lack of businesses in the Park Place above the Petworth is particularly embarrassing.

  2. K Says:

    Thanks for the perspective, it is always good to take a step back.

    I do agree that we have come a long way however I feel that development in this section has somewhat stalled (especially compared to other areas of the city) and we should continue to push leaders and property owners to move forward with developments that will positively contribute to the vitality of the neighborhood.

    • K Says:

      Unfortunately, some of the “in the pipeline” properties have been in that status since almost 2008! I.e. Post office and Murry’s

  3. Derek Says:

    Thanks Kent – it is great to see how much has developed over the past 8 years (which I when I moved to the neighborhood). I think some of the recent frustration has been that this year we seemed to have taken a step back – with Murray’s and Mothership closing, and the post office complex being fully vacated. But it looks like we have some good development in the works that will open in 2016.

  4. jcm Says:

    It’s odd that you included all of those “in the pipeline” properties in a map purporting to review development that has been completed. Presumably when people express a desire that vacant and blighted property along Georgia Avenue be developed, they are thinking of some of those properties, which have been in the pipeline since 2008 or longer.

    It might be interesting to compare this map with an updated map of vacants, including all of those “in the pipeline properties”. I’ll bet there’s more markers on that map.

    Also, it would be nice if you’d have included our neighborhood park as a development.

  5. Sarah Says:

    I’m curious about the E.L. Haynes building, which doesn’t seem to be on this map. When was it built? (It doesn’t seem very old).

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