Mayor Bowser to Attend Park View Community Meeting on Wednesday

Mayor Bowser PV UNC flyerAccording to announcements on area listservs and community meetings, Mayor Bowser is scheduled to come to the Park View United Neighborhood Coalition meeting this Wednesday, November 4th, at 7 pm (see flyer to the right and annoucement below). Questions are being requested in advance and I’m sure there will be many.

For me, my hope is that Mayor Bowser will provide answers to questions related to two key developments in the area. The first is the redevelopment of the old Hebrew Home at 1125 Spring Road. This property consumed a significant amount of community engagement from June 2014 to the end of the year. Yet, few to no details have been shared since the beginning of 2015.

The second area I hope Mayor Bowser will spend some time on are details related to the Park Morton redevelopment. The redevelopment of Park Morton will be truly transformative for the entire Park View community. However, news that this project would include a portion of the Bruce Monroe parcel was greeted by both support and opposition in the community. The meeting on Wednesday would be a great opportunity for the Mayor to speak to this issue.

The announcement from Park View UNC president Chris Waldmann follows:

The Park View United Neighborhood Coalition is excited to announce that Mayor Muriel Bowser will be attending our next meeting next Wednesday, November 4th at 7 PM at the Park View Recreation Center (693 Otis Place NW).

This will be a great opportunity to ask the mayor about issues that affect Park View and the entire city!

In order to let the mayor answer as many questions as possible during the forum, we are asking neighbors to submit their questions in advance. To submit a question please send an email to parkviewuncdc (at) with the subject line Question for the Mayor.

Questions may be anonymous or not, that is up to you. Also, we will accept written questions at the meeting.

Spanish language translation services will be provided.

Abra traduccion en Español.


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14 Comments on “Mayor Bowser to Attend Park View Community Meeting on Wednesday”

  1. Curious George Says:

    [I wont be attending the meeting because I have a job and kids and that leaves no time for community meetings. For those who go, someone please pass along this question:]

    Dear Mayor Bowser,

    Thank you for your hard work to improve the city. Keep it up.

    What are you doing to stop the menace of kids on dirtbikes who terrorize Park View and other neighborhoods?

    Also — thank you for the good work that the MPD does. Tell them the community supports them.

  2. Jim Slicio Says:

    I hope Mayor Bowser and her staff understand that any dislike for developing Bruce Monroe Park is not a reflection of any hatred toward our less well off neighbors. This is what it seems the politicians have recently been implying. The conditions our government have allowed residents of Park Morton to live in is disgraceful, but attempting to move this along without understanding the sensitivity of the issue or even the most basic outreach/planning is myopic and inexperienced. It implies they know what is best for a community that they only show up at for photo-shoots ( and that the residents will blindly follow their decrees and agenda.


    • jcm Says:

      Agreed. I support building more mixed income housing in the neighborhood. I see no reason to tear up a perfectly good, popular park to do so. The Hebrew Home should be used for replacement units if they’re needed.

    • K Says:

      Agreed. And second the Hebrew Home used as replacement units, even if it is only 20-30% affordable (which it should be).

    • JM Says:

      I have to say that the “right to return” as a baseline for the Park Morton negotiations makes no sense to me. Since when do people have the right to lifetime housing at public expense? And not only that, but the right to stay in the same neighborhood for their entire lives? Does this “right” pass down to the next generation as well?

      But I understand the political reality, so we just have to make the best of a bad approach to affordable housing.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I love how folks in Park View are like “we support affordable housing”, but send those Park Morton poor people to Ward 4 and the Old Hebrew Home. Hypocrites.

      • K Says:

        Anonymous 1:35, I think most people in Park View just want to get this promised project for almost a decade to start moving!

        The Hebrew Home idea is a valid one and is .5 miles to the current PM site which is still the same neighborhood which happens to cross the border on the north side of Spring.

        Why would you be opposed to this and finally seeing some movement on PM? It will also begin to house some folks from PM with more dignity which is currently not the case.

      • jcm Says:

        I’m happy to have affordable housing in Park View, and I’m happy that more is going to be built. When Park Morton is redeveloped we’ll get lots of new affordable housing. Every large building that goes up on Georgia is going to have affordable housing units due to IZ, and I support that, too.

        My point is that if you need affordable units nearby to redevelop Park Morton then it’s stupid to pretend the affordable units you’re already planning to build less than half a mile away don’t exist. And it’s stupid to tear up a popular park in order to build new housing when the corridor is full of vacant properties that don’t have parks on them. And meanwhile the city is paying $50M to build new parks in NoMa because they forgot to do any kind of planning over there.

    • gentrify-u Says:

      “The conditions our government have allowed residents of Park Morton to live in is disgraceful,…” Ha! Some accountability to said residents is necessary. You may be poor, but not dirty or a delinquent.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My top concern in Park View is crime. Hands down. Nadeau isn’t doing a damn thing, so maybe the Mayor can get MPD focused and increase patrols and arrests. Park View and Columbia Heights are out of control lately.

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